968 SEO Optimization Tools: Updated October 2020

02 12, 2021
Online Marketers love SEO Optimization tools. They make their lives easier and help them deliver more value. We’ve compiled a list of almost every tool we could find. There are 968 of them on this evolving list. Take a look and see if there’s anything useful to you.

Please keep in mind this is a rough work in progress. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tools that are not on this list. For example, we barely scratched the surface with Chat apps.

Some tools are hard to categorize, while others could easily fit in many categories. If you spot an obvious mistake, please let us know by emailing us at va@nimbus.market.

Note: We purposely did not include some of our SEO Optimization tools. Some tools are just too good to share! But if you feel like your tool should be on our list, please feel free to send us your best pitch to va@nimbus.market.
Technical SEO Tools & Tool Suites

Airtable  The hybrid offspring of an Excel spreadsheets and a SQL database

Alli AI  Artificial Intelligence for SEO

Anstrex Ultimate  Build Campaigns Today by Spying on Your Competition

Archive.org  Check the history of a website to see whether or not auction domains are worth bidding on Article Builder  Google-Friendly Push Button Articles & Auto-blog Content-

SEO-Browser Simple tool for seeing your site from the eyes of a search engine spider

Lipperhey This tool analyzes your site for technical SEO issues and provides a basic SEO content analysis.

Redirect Path The HTTP header & redirect checker for SEO  Blogpatcher  On Page SEO checker CBEngine  Affiliate Marketing Tools & Click-Bank Calculators Chrome Lighthouse  A technical SEO tool that helps you to assess page speed, DOM rendering problems, and assess the mobile version of a site

ClickFlow  This tool shows you pages on your site that have the highest potential for growth

Clusteric  Provides features like site audits, competitor analysis, search visibility and more

Cocolyze  All-in-one SEO tool

Colinkri  Get your link crawled

CTR.tools  Tool to test different title tag and meta description ideas

DebugBear  Website monitoring for developers

DigitalBull GO  GMB Audit & Optimization Tool

DomDetailer  Professional Domain Quality Checking

EasyRedir  Makes redirecting traffic between different domains super easy

eCom Inspector  Find Winning eCommerce Products

Forecheck  Crawls your site to uncover issues that may be holding you back from Google’s first page

GMBfactory Software for managing, posting and ranking GMB’s

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer  Adds filters to your account that remove over 100 know spammy referrer websites from your list of referring domains

Google Codelabs Steps you through the process of building a small application, or adding a an existing application to a webpage

Google Developer in Chrome  Google Chrome for developers

Google Drive (Sheets, Data Studio, Docs, etc).  Complete free suite of document and file storage and processing tools

Google GA Debugger  Prints useful information to the Javascript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript

Google Lighthouse  An open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages

Google Mobile-Friendly Test How do you know if a page on your site is up to snuff? Just enter the URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool…and you’ll get a simple “yes/no” answer from Big G

Google XML Sitemaps  A wordpress plugin that creates an SEO-friendly sitemap of your site automatically

HeadMasterSEO  Lets you check 301 redirects and canonical URLs on huge lists of URLs with ease

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool  Create Href-lang tags with ease

JSONLD Tester Chrome Extension  Check structured data / rich snippets on a webpage regardless of whether it is online, on an intranet or behind a passworded page.

Kill Duplicate  Scans the web for content thieves

LinkPatrol  A WordPress plugin that shows you all of your site’s external links

Marketing Miner  Data mining tool for online marketers

META SEO Inspector Chrome Extension  Inspect the META data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing

Metaforensics.io  SEO and Site Architecture Tool.

Mongools  Backlink Analysis, Website Analysis, Keyword Research, SERP Analysis and Rank Tracking.

MorningScore  An all-in-one SEO tool made for busy founders and marketers

Neil Patel’s Tools  A suite of tools for keyword research, domain research, and backlink data.

Neils Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel  An SEO Add-in for Excel with lots of features.

Pulno  SEO Audit and Website Analysis

Rank Math SEO Plugin Free WordPress SEO Tools

Rankactive  SEO software platform

Rarchy  A visual sitemap creator and generator tool

Rel Nofollow Checkbox  This WordPress plugin lets you easily set links on your site as “nofollow”

Robots.txt Viewer Chrome Extension  Check the robots.txt content on websites with one click

Search Latte  Enter your keyword, pick an international version of Google, and see that country’s search results

SeeRobots Chrome Extension  Displays the meta robots information of the website you are viewing

Senuto  SEO tool set rank tracker, keyword explorer and more

SEO Effect tools  Comprehensive set of SEO tools

SEO META in 1 Click  A tool that displays all meta tags/data and main SEO information clearly

SEO Monitor  A dashboard for your SEO performance

SEO Ultimate for WordPress  All in one SEO Plugin tool

SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker  Get a list of PA and DA for a large list of URLs

Seobility  A site auditor

Seolyzer.io  Live log analysis to improve SEO

Seomator  An SEO audit software suite that gives loads of information about a site’s SEO health

SEOPress  A simple & fast SEO Plugin.

SEOptimer  Analyze Websites With this Free SEO Audit & Reporting Tool

SEOrch.eu  On-page SEO Tool and SEO Check

SER Verified Lists  SER Verified Lists Verified Targets Solution For GSA SERPs

SerpAPI  Google Search API

SERPed  Suite of SEO Tools.

SERPsim  SERP snippet generator and SERP simulator optimization tool

Simple Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator  A tool that ensures redirects are setup correctly

Sinum Suite of SEO tools

Spider Test Tool  This search engine indexing simulator tool shows the source code of a page, all outbound links on the page, and common words and phrases found in the page copy

The SEO Framework Plugin on WordPress  An SEO plugin that follows the white-hat guidelines and rules imposed by WordPress and search engines.

Traffic Travis  SEO Software for your SEO & PPC Management needs

Web Developer extension  Quickly get data about any On-Page parameter

Web Sniffer  A small tool to catch redirects, including redirect chains and loops

Webbee SEO Spider  Crawl Everything on your Website

WebCEO  A world-class SEO platform that gives you access to a bunch of tools to boost your SEO

Website Grader by HubSpot  Grades your website based on performance (loading speed), mobile optimization, and on-page SEO

WP Speed Fix  WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Xovi  All-in-one online marketing suite

Ranking Factors

Cora Diff Tool Cora Diff is part of the Cora SEO Software Suite. It lets you Diff two Cora reports to see how they have changed. You can see which factors grew stronger or weaker. You can see the movers and shakers in the rankings. You can see progress towards goal on tuning your web page.


Postlight Mercury Browser extension to convert pages into clean text. Has an AMP converter tool as well

AMP Validator Chrome extension to check if a page is AMP, and then run it through the AMP Validator

AMP Project Another AMP Validator

AMP by Example A tool to help make your website AMP compatible.

Agency Tools

WebCEO Software suite designed to help run an agency including auditing tools and lead generation

STAT Rank tracking and SERP analytics tool for large-scale

Sistrix Software suite for agencies that identifies SERPs, helps with keyword research, page structure, and more

SEOmonitor Agency platform that includes Rank tracking and client retention

SEO PowerSuite Software suite that includes rank tracking, website auditing, Backlink research & auditing, and link building

Searchmetrics Enterprise level software suite

Unamo Agency analytics & reporting suite

linkdex Agency competition research software

Hubspot CRM with marketing automation

Conductor helps you create marketing that matters

Bright Edge The global leader in enterprise content performance.

Positionly Combines all the functionalities you loved at Positional with other innovative features.


Youtube Analytics Video and video search analytics

Yandex Metrica Analytics platform for Yandex

Webtrends Intranet analytics platform for SharePoint

Uprise.io Social Media Analytics & Research tool

Google Tag Manager Google platform to create new tags for conversion tracking in Google Analytics

Statcounter Analytics software for user behavior tracking

Segment Analytics platform that integrates with multiple analytics platforms.

Referrer Spam Remover Tool to remove bots and fake traffic from Google Analytics data

loganix Tool for removing spam traffic from tracking

QuickSprout Analytics platform that plugs into Google Analytics to give detailed reports

Matomo Web analytics platform that allows heatmaps, session recordings, a/b testing, funnels, goals, and form analytics

Hotjar User behavior analytics with heatmaps and recordings

Heap Analytics platform

Google Analytics Configuration Tool Tool for configuring tracking codes, campaign URLS, and rank tracking

Fullstory Solve problems, find answers and fine tune your customer experience with digital intelligence platform

Clicky Monitors, analyze and reacts to traffic in real time

Pave AI Turn your Google Analytics data into insights using A.I

Intercom Observe Track, segment and understand every customer

GAChecker GA Checker spiders your site just like a search engine. GA is able to identify which pages contain Google Analytics or AdWords.

Crazy Egg Use Crazy Egg to help improve what’s working, fix what isn’t and test new ideas.

Analytics Course Become a Google analytics wizard with training

Barametrics Engagement tools for SaaS and subscription businesses.

Piwik Powerful web analytics platform that will give you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool Quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that will ignore traffic from spammy websites.

UTM Builder Create custom campaign parameters for advertising URLs.

Share Count The first API tool capable of giving you holistic engagement data on your website.

Segment.io Collect, clean and control your customer data with Segment.

Agency Analytics A reporting tool designed for digital marketing agencies.


Sheer SEO SEO software that will autmoate your SEO efforts with rank tracking and link buidling

Supermetrics Report automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics

Reelevant Turn your mass marketing campaigs into content

Infusionsoft Create a repeatable sales process that makes it easier to set upo appointments, track leads and get quotes

ActiveCampaign Email marketing, Sales and CRM messaging

Agency Analytics A all in one reporting platform for agencies, SEO, PPC, Social, and call tracking dashboard.

User Engage A full marketing automation software for all messaging relationships.

Microsoft Flow Create automated workflows between all your favorite apps and services to get notifications and synchronize files

Infusionsoft Create a repeatable sales process that will help make it easier for you to set up appointments track leads and get quotes.

Autopilot Capture new leads from your website, app or blog and nurture them with personalized messages.

If This Then That A free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other.

Mautic Mautic has joined forces with Acquia to deliver the world’s only open digital experience platform.

SENuke Automates today’s most crucial ranking factors to help boost your website.

Tray Integrate your entire stack with leading general automation platform.

Zapier Pick apps to explore workflow ideas.


Simply Static Create a static site that can serve separately from your WordPress installation

Yoast Helps millions of websites rank higher in search engines.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer WordPress image optimization plugin

Async JavaScript Prevents above the fold content on your page from being rendered.

AMP Aims to enable web experiences that are consistently fast

Lazy Load XT Lazy Load is the fastest, lightest and fully customization lazy load plugin.

Glue for Yoast and AMP This tool makes sure your meta-data is implemented correctly.

Autoptimize Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really easy. It’s able to aggregate, minify, and cache scripts.

Plugin Organizer This particular plugin will allow you to change the order that your plugins are loaded, selectively disable plugins by any post type or wordpress managed URL.

Redirection One of the most popular redirect managers for WordPress. You can easily manage 301 redirects and keep track of 404 errors.

Push Notification

Pusher A category leader in robust API’s for app developers buiding realtime communication features.

Pushcrew Beyond emails and new age channels. Keep your visitors engaged with automated marketing campaigns through web push notifcations.

OneSignal The market leader in customer engagement, powering mobile push, web push and email.


Pitchbox A all in one link prospecting and outreach tool. Enter a few words and the tool will scan the web for people to promote to.

Outreach A tool that will search the web for websites that cover those topics.

Onalytica Content Get the right influences by topic, content and category.

Nivicakk New blogger outreach tool. Search for influential people to reach out to.

Mixmax This tool helps with personalized communication

JustReachOut PR software to get the exposure you need to grow your business.

Inky Bee Outreach blogger tool. Enter a keyword and Inky Bee shows you bloggers for that industry.

Crystal This tool helps tell you anyone’s personality.

Charlie App Automate the hours of call prep and prospecting you wish your reps had the time to do.

Linkio Automates prospecting and outreach. Start with a list of websites and begin doing automated outreach within 30 minutes.

Buzzstream This tool makes the messy job of email outreach and link building more organized.

Ninja Outreach An impressive new blogger outreach tool. Allows you to search for influential peeps and reach out to them.

Screen Recording

ShareX Screen capture, file sharing, productivity tool.

Openvid Narrate and capture. Instantly share videos to communicate

Loom A work communication tool that helps get your message across with a video.

LICEcap A intuitive but flexible application for Windows and OSX. Designed to be lightweight and function with the highest performance.

Screencast-O-Matic Video editing shouldn’t be difficult. These simple and intuitive tools help get the job done easily.

Influencer Marketing

Tribe Generates eye catching branded content at scale, speed and a fraction of the cost.

Tomoson Leverage 90,000+ influencers, unlimited content crawler to create, curate and post to your social media regularly.

Scrunch Get your ideal consumer with data driven audience insights.

Intellifluence A influencer marketing service that helps brands and influencers collaborate to achieve goals.

Grapevine Logic Combines influencer discovery and analytics with campaign execution and strategy.

HelloSociety A full service social storytelling agency

Famebit Connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience.

Assembly Create how successful content begins with the understanding of what readers really want. We pride ourselves on getting ahead of the curve, and analyzing trends.


Chrome Development Web authoring and debugging tools build into Google Chrome

Built With App BuiltWith Chrome extension will allow you to find out what a website is built with by a simple click.

SERP Factors

Winners & Losers This research tool offers you a spectacular analysis based on the industry’s largest database for search and content performance.

SERPMetrics Flux This tool is a rank tracking API that offers unlimited scale and is trusted by some of the biggest brands online.

SERP Watch Website position monitoring

Rank Risk Index Measures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains, keywords that we monitor daily.

Mozcast A weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous days.

Ayima Pulse Visualization of Google’s rankings by showing how big and small algorithm changes are affecting sites.

Algoroo A Google algorithm tracking tool.


Intercom Intercom gives you a customizable messaging suite to grow at every stage of the lifecycle.

Drift First and only conversational marketing platform

Bowtie Artifically intelligent receptionist to give you more freedom and peace of mind.


Tweriod Shows you the best times to tweet. Analyzes both your tweets and your followers tweets.

SocialRank Easiest way to organize, manage and identify you audience on social media.

Notifer by Content Marketer This tool helps generate leads, build relationships, and promote your content.

Narrow Narrow works by interacting with Twitter users who are talking about subjects relevant to the kind of audience you want to attract.

Klear Klear is an extension that adds the Klear badge to your Twitter feed. With these badges you’ll easily understand  your followers and their interests.

Buffer Respond Reply to all of your social converstaions and support requests across Instagram and Twitter

Crowdfire Will help you discover, schedule content. Will aslo help manage your social accounts from one place.

Followerwonk Dig even deeper into Twitter analytics. Such as Who you’re follwers are, Where they’re located and who they tweet

Klear This extension adds the Klear badge to your Twitter feed.

Black Hat

Browser leaks Web browswer security

XRumer Link posting tool

Browser Plugin

Mozbar All in one SEO toolbar for research

Pasty Simple multiple URL opener

Similar Tech Discover prospecting information on any website your visiting

Wappalyzer Cross-platform ulity that can uncover the technologies used on websites.

Communities, Forum

Black Hat World Gain more insight into your competitors SEO and PPC


Moz Q&A Moz Pro users can ask questions and give answers

Traffic Think Tank A private SEO community and get personal advice you need to advance as an SEO

Webmaster World News and discussion for web professionals.

Google Webmasters SEO Forum

Digital Point SEO Forum

SEO Chat SEO Forum

SEO Clerk SEO Forum

SEO Mastering SEO Forum

Sitepoint SEO Forum

Webmaster World SEO Forum

AffiliateFix Affiliate marketing forum

Social Proof

Fomo Increases turst, traffic and sales with social proof automation

Proof Humanize your website by building more trust.


Shopifyd A free tool to make shopify better

JSON-LD-Shopify-Snippets Guide for Github

Rank Tracking

Accuranker Faster, better and more accurate keyword rank tracker

Authority Labs Automate your SEO monitoring, track local rankings.

Link Assistant Rank Tracker Rank tracking of keyword research and analysis

Microsite Masters Solid rank tracking tool. Shows keywords that have the most movement both positive and negative.

Mobile Moxie Mobile Serp Mobile focused rank tracker

Moz Pro Rank Checker Rank tracking software tool will retrieve search engine pages and keywords.

Pro Rank Tracker Quality rank trackidng tool with a great user interface for when your tracking hundreds of keywords.

Rank Ranger Software designed to align to your specific needs, work practices, and preferences.

Rankerizer A tool for tracking your site’s ranking and progress over time.

RankTracker A tool that will research keywords, and analyse the compeition.

SEMRush Positing Tracking Monitor your national, regional search engine keywords.

SEOmonitor A one stop dashboard for SEO performance.

SE Ranking Save time on compiling reports, get considerable help in preparation of commercial offers.

SERP Book On-demand updates with automated sharing for easy client management.

SERPWatcher Rank tracking tool that

SERP Robot Checks the health of your site

SERPSCOPE Open source rank tracker to monitor websites

SERPwoo Rank tracking and a online reputation management monitoring

Sitoscope Lets you know how well your website is doing.

Search Engines

Alexa Reach, find and convert your audience

Alhea Will compile results from other search engines

AOL Search Powered by Bing

Ask Runs a few of the search engines.

Baidu Chinese search engine


Contentko Fast way to surf the web

Dogpile Will compile results from several search engines

Duck Duck Go Search engine that wont track you

Excite Owned by Mindspark


Hotbot Candaian search engine

Info Part of infospace Infospace Private label search

Startpage Private search engine

My Search Web Owned by Mindspark. Part of Ask’s search network

Webcrawler Private label searching

Wow Powered by Bing and part of the AOL search network

Yahoo Powered by Bing

Yandex Russian search engine

Page Speed

Google Mobile Audit Tool Google’s tool to check your mobile site speed

Google Page Speed Google’s page speed tool

GTmetrix Google page speed insights checks your site’s code for when you want to judge your sites real loading speed.

Lighthouse Google Chrome extension. Lighthouse is an open source automated tool for improving performance, quality and correctness of your web apps.

Load Impact Empowering teams to performance test with ease

Persistent Connection Enables the connection between a client and server to stay open which allows for the transfer of multiple files over a single connection.

Ping Test Ping Test websites, servers and network speed from over 20 locations around the world.

Pingdom Enter a URL to test the page load time and analyze it.

Request Map Generator Submit a URL to generate a node map of all the requests on the page. Identify what third-parties are on your site.

Speed Monitor Uses Lighthouse data to check the performance of your website. Keeps a historical log to track changes.

WebPageTest Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers and at a real consumer connection speed.


Amazon Web Services Whether you’re looking for computer power, database storage or even content delivery AWS has the services you need to help build sophisticated applications.

Cloudways A platform that facilitates choice, simplicity and performance. All this is backed by caring expert support so that you stay focused on what you do best, win as an individual and succeed as a business.

Digital Ocean Optimized configuration process saves your team time when running and scaling distributed applications.

Flywheel Powerful WordPress platform removes the hassle of hosting, and streamlines your process.

GitHub Pages Build your own site from scratch or generate one for your project.

Kinsta A managed WordPresshosting provider that will help take care of all your needs regarding your website.

Netlify Everything you need to build fast, modern websites.

Surge Static web publishing for Front-End-Developers

Who is hosting this Discover who is hosting any website.

WordPress Gives you everything you need to start your website today.


HypeAuditor Discover and analyze Instagram and YouTube influencers.

Instagram Story Templates A hand-curated collected of beautiful, simple templates for your stories

Instato.io Use Instagram Bot to auto follow, auto like, comment, unfollow, auto DM and post. Grow your network with real followers

Instazood Automatically like, follow, comment, unfollow, view stories, DM and post an Instant with Instazood

Landing Pages

Awwwards The awards of design, creativity and innovation of the internet

ClickFunnels Gives you teh tools and strategies you need to market and sell your products online

Crayon Capture, analyze and act on everything happening outside of the four walls of your business

CSS Winner A unique global platform awarding and showcasing the best websites and promoting innovative web designers.

Ecomm-design Browse a collection of the top 2870 eCommerce websites by platform, categories, technologies and traffic

Httpster An inspiration resource showcasing totally rocking websites made by people all over.

Instapage Send your traffic to dedicated landing pages and watch your average conversion rate go up.

Interfaces.pro Interfaces.pro is a brand-focused collection of user interface (UI) design examples. Interfaces.pro helps aspiring and mature designers make better decisions in work by embracing the approaches of various brands across the globe.

Land Book A brand new gallery that was reinvented

Leadpaes Helps small business connect with an audience, collect leads and help close sales.

Pages.xyz The place to curate and discover the best web pages.

SiteInspire A showcase of the finest web and interactive design

The Best Designs Recognizing websites with outstanding designs. Filter by style or search designs.

Unbounce Create custom landing pages with Unbounce that can convert more visitors than any website

Webdesign Inspiration Get fresh ideas and build better websites.


Tech Bound A weekly email with exclusive digital marketing articles

The Moz Top 10 Subscribe to The Moz Top 10. Semimonthly email newsletters. Sharing the 10 most valuable articles about SEO


.htaccess Redirects Facilitates the implementation of the most common redirects scenarios via htaccess, especially used when implementing SEO

AeroLeads A Lead generating tool that helps to find business emails of prospects

Algolia Full site APIs enable teams to develop unique search and discovery experiences for their customers across all platforms and devices.

Appealing Mobile UI animations found in the wild

Atlas New home for charts and data. Powered by Quartz

Audacity An easy to use multi track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X and other operating systems.

AuthoritySpy Designed to help you find the top influencer’s in your space.

BabylonTraffic Your one stop solution for getting the huge quantity and cheap traffic you always needed.

Beamer Announces important news, latest updates and special offers with an easy notification center.

Beaqn.in An innovative high-tech company focusing on the internet and mobile internet fields

Beutlerink This tool can help you better understand how to work cooperatively with Wikipedia according to the rules developed by its editors.

Bookmarking Demon Unlimited supply of high PR back links and laser targeted traffic from major bookmarking sites.

Cached Pages A snapshot or a version of a web page saved at a specific time and stored by a web server for a backup copy.

Call To Idea A platform for designers needed to find the right inspiration according to the needs

Code My UI Web design and UI inspiration with Code Snippets

CollectUI A platform with your daily inspiration collected from daily ui and beyond.

Configurantor Database Aimed to give an overview about the word of web-based customization tools

Critical Path CSS Generator The path to render a web page.

Eager Collect feedback from your visitors, grow an email list or even make your site available in more languages.

Extensity Lightening fast enabling and disabling all your extensions for Google Chrome.

Free Broken Link Checker This particular tool checks a website for broken links.

Good UI Actively A/B test patterns to find which one works better

Google Correlate Keyword research tool that comes straight from Google.

Google Data Galary Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible.

Google Planning Tools Help improve your brands marketing, web performance and analysis.

Google Search Operators Advanced search operators tips and tricks

Google Tag Manager Manage all your websites without editing code

HandBrake Converts video from nearly any format to any selection of modern widely supported codes.

Headway Easiest way to keep your customers in the loop about your product

HTTP Server Response Viewer Send HTTP requests online and view server response headers and content.

iBuisnessPromoter A multi-award winning SEO software that helps you get high search engine rankings.

InboundWriter Tells you which topics will or wont work well for you

KnowEm Search over 500 popular social networks. Over 150 domain names and the entire USPTO Trademark Database to secure your brand on the internet.

LastPass Removes the obstacles, letting you get back to the things you love the most.

Laws of UX A collection of maxims and principles that designers consider when building interfaces

Link Clump Gives you the ability to drag a selection box around links using your mouse to quickly open as new tabs.

Little Big Details A curated collection of the finer details of design.

Localize.js Content detection and translation delivery

LogoBook Discover the finest logos, symbols and trademarks

Meta Title Length Checker Beat title and meta description in the SERP’s by calculating pixel length

MonkeyTest Our well trained monkeys visit your website and pick it apart looking for bugs.

NerdyData Use NerdyData to download website lists segmented by technology.

Noisli Improve your focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.

Outdaed Content Finder Share your ideas and tools with people as passionate about digital marketing as we are

PetitHacks Flat rate geek service. Our purpose: To change lives through geeky help for your online business.

Pingometter Uptime monitoring service

Postman Hear from industry experts and learn advanced Postman use and though leadership in API testing and automation.

Programmable Web Where you can keep up with what’s new and interesting.

Rapid API Find and connect thousands of APIs

RegEx101 Free PCRE based regular expression debugger with real time explanation, error detection

RegExr Online tool to learn, build and test regular expressions

Regxlib LAMP stack is a group of open source program platforms that are used to find web servers ready to go.

Sanity Check Easy automated solution that will pull out all the valuable information you need to make better SEO decisions.

SEO Administrator A suite of SEO software utilities. Each one is focused on a specific SEO task and the suite provides you with all the information you will need to get the highest search engine rankings.

SEO Book’s Free SEO Tools A set of helpful SEO tools that focus on technical SEO and keyword research

SEO Campare side by side SEO comparison tool

SEO Clarity Customize dashboards and reporting capabilities to make it easier to keep your entire marketing team on the same page.

SEO PowerSuite Covers every step of an SEO campaign of any caliber from the rankings, to on page and backlinks.

SEO Tools for Excel Enables rapid tool prototyping and SEO diagnosis.

Serpfox A no fuss rank tracking tool

SparkToro Trending Discover any target audience influential publications, channels or people

Spreed One of the highest rated and most popular extension to get through online content, reading them in half or a third of the time it takes you.

Sucure SiteCheck Will check the website for known malware, viruses, blacklisting status and website errors.

SumoMe One of the easiest ways to turn your visitors into eCommerce Customers

Table Capture Gives you the ability to capture HTML tables for use in a spreadsheet.

Trello Trellos’ lists and boards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun and rewarding way.

UX Archive Archives awesome iPhone app user flows

Web Technology Usage A website profile, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence tool that will provide technology adoption and ecommerce data.

WebDesgnRepo The best of webdesign, front end and startups all in one place

Webrecorder A web achieving service anyone can use for free to save web pages.

Website Builders The idea behind this is that you can find all the tools you’ll need as an SEO or Marketing Consultant in one spot.

WikiGrabber Quick way to find Wikipedia pages that need citations or broken link replacements.

Worldometers Real time world statistics

Airtable The hybrid offspring of an Excel spreadsheets and a SQL database

Affkit Essential affiliate marketing tools

Big Content Search Search PLR articles and ebooks

Call Rail Call tracking and form. Tracking software for PPC, SEO and marketing

Cognito Free online form builder, create HTML forms and surveys

Content Factory Digital PR, content writing, SEO and social media

DomCop Buy expired domains

FB Spy Facebook tracker

Gshift Labs Content, influencer, and SEO platform software

Intelligynce Shopify analysis tools

Love To Link Guest post link 

Lynda Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials

Mad Society Marketing Forum

Omnibug Chrome Extension A browser extension to decode and display outgoing digital marketing tool requests

Pexda Hunt winning products to sell online

Proposify SEO, Website and campaign proposal software

Publicity.ai Find organic marketing opportunities

Register Compass Find expired domains

ReportEI Reports Facebook, Instagram, Analytics, Ads, Linkedin, YouTube.

Rockstar Content marketing archives

Spin Rewriter Article spinner with ENL semantic spinning

StoryChief Content marketing management & content distribution software

Tailwind Pinterest & Instagram scheduler, analytics & marketing tool

Terapeak Ebay Data, Ebay research, find the best things to sell

Wonpy Search Google Ad Campaigns for relevant keywords

Zipsprout Match businesses with local SEO and marketing opportunities via sponsorship

MoveBuddha The smarter way to move long distance. Compare multiple estimates from movers you can trust.

Mobile SEO

Cora SEO Software measures 820 SEO factors and correlates which ones appear to influence rankings the most

Mobi Ready A free tool for developers and designers to test website performance

Mobile Friendly Test Test how easily a visitor can use your page on a mobile device.

Mobile Moxie Device Emulator Emulate your sites and pages in real time across all devices.


AllTheFreeStock Get all the free stock images, videos and music in one location

Canva Design anything and publish anywhere

Cloudinary Offers a feature-rich image and video platform for developers

Compressor.io A powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos.

Fotor Create any image you want with just a few clicks

Kraken.io A robust, ultra fast image optimizer and compressor with the best algorithms

Placeit Create mock ups, logos, videos and designs in just seconds

Backlink Indexing

AllTheFreeStock Get all the free stock images, videos and music in one location

Canva Design anything and publish anywhere

Cloudinary Offers a feature-rich image and video platform for developers

Compressor.io A powerful online tool for reducing drastically the size of your images and photos.

Fotor Create any image you want with just a few clicks

Kraken.io A robust, ultra fast image optimizer and compressor with the best algorithms

Placeit Create mock ups, logos, videos and designs in just seconds


AMZ Tracker If you sell products on Amazon AMZ tracker is a must have tool. This tool will track your rankings on Amazon

Baymard Institute Create “state of the art” e-commerce experiences and discover which design patterns cause usability issues for users

Magento A built eCommerce platform so you can build your business

WooCommerce Gives you the control to sell anything anywhere

Data Scraping

Agenty Cloud based agents for data scraping, text extraction, categorization, change detection and sentiment analysis.

Docparser Boils down business documents to the essentials and moves the extracted data to where it belongs.

Import.io Capture and interpert even the most complex analytical requirements.

ScrapeBox The “Swiss army knife of SEO” You can use ScrapeBox for white hat link building tasks.

Scraper A very simple data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly.


Awario Crawls over 13 billion web pages daily in addition to the APIs to help you be the first to know when important conversations spark out online.

Brand 24 Instant access to online mentions, social mentions and reviews

Bandentions BrandMentions become an indispensable tool for measuring the success of marketing campaigns

Elokenz A set of tools designed for bloggers as well as web journalists, content marketers and SEO consultants.

Mention A social media marketing suite enabling brands and agencies to drive the conversation.

Talkwalker Empowering impact digital communication teams globally with a leading social listening, analytics and influencer marketing software.

Versionista Track web page edits. Change detection and alerts.

VisualPing Track anything, alerts you anywhere. With or without apps

Wachete Select content on a website you want to monitor or pick to monitor the entire portal with sub pages.


Botkit An open source developer tool for building chat bots and apps

MailClark Bring the power of a shared inbox within Slack & Microsoft teams to easily engage your teams in workflow.

Meekan Scheduling Matche’s everyone’s calendars and will quickly find common free times.

Notify.ly Setup notifications for your startup name, your competitors, events and the topics that you are interested in.

Slack Gives your team the power and alignment that you need to do your best work

Slalert Find out every time someone mentions your company, your product or your keyword online.

Statsbot Designed to work with raw data stored in modern data warehouse. Not only queries and transforms data on the fly it will also do background jobs to optimize and pre-aggregate heavy calculations.

Talkus.io A simple help desk platform. All the necessary tools to provide good experiences to your clients.

Team Time Zone Load your data from slack directly into this app, in your browser.


Instaaa Helps you get customers by submitting your startup  across a curated list of websites.

Magic Submitter Spin and submit your articles, videos and blogs to over 500 sites and gives you 1000’s of backlinks automatically.

Promote Hour Get more attention from future clients and a better SEO ranking

Quuu Get hundreds of mentions, opportunities to engage with a relevant audience.

Startup Lister Helps you build backlinks and get exposure by manually submitting your details to a curated lis of relevant blogs.

Local SEO

Bright Local An excellent tool that will do comprehensive local SEO site audits. Finds duplicate or incorrect citations that are floating around online. GMB Guidelines Checker Check the Google Business and local pages for any business

Google Business Review Link Get direct link for Google reviews

Google My Business Google My Business helps you stand out and bring customers in

Indoor Maps Create an enjoyable and more convenient vistor experience

Indoor Street View Import 360 photos with the street view app. When you import these photos it will appear on the map where others can see it

Local SEO Checklist 30 simple steps to help you business boost in local SEO

Moz Local Online accuracy for offline results

myPresencess Will find the best places for you to promote your business online

Organization Schema Generator Earn rich snippets using JSON-LD Microdata

Synup Manage and optimize your local business content

Up City Local inbound marketing solution

Whitespark Easily find hundreds of NAP citations with a few clicks.

Yext Inegrates with hundreds of leading brands to keep your business information and data up to date.


Experts On The Wire A weekly digital marketing and SEO podcast hosted by Dan Shure


Subreddit Target Discovery Discover tools helps you identify subreddits which have an interest in your keywords

Subreddit Traffic Analysis Examine popular post trends for a given subreddit

Webmaster Tools

Search Analytics for Sheets Retrieve data and create automatic backup from Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Manage a user’s info, privacy and security to make Google better for you

Google Search Console A suite of helpful tools straight from Google

Bing Webmaster Tools Tells you everything you would need to know about your site’s visibility in Bing

SEO Services

MGYB Store Powerful paid SEO tools and more

Konker Like Fiverr but with more SEO services

Legiit Like Konker but with more specific SEO services

Posirank All-in-one SEO tool and white labeling service

Content & Page Optimization Tools

Animalz Revive  Tool that scans your Google Analytics account for pages suffering from “organic decay”

Article Forge  The smartest article writer ever

Copyleaks plagiarism detector Detect plagiarism and paraphrased content using advanced AI technology

Copyscape  Plagiarism Checker & Duplicate Content Detection Software

Google SERP Preview Tool  This gives you a preview of how your site will appear in Google’s search results

Hemmingway App  Makes your writing bold and clear

Keys4Up  Finds LSI keywords with natural language suggestions

Link Redirect Checker Chrome Extension  Checks redirects on all selected links in the page and validates the syntax

Link Redirect Trace  Identify and track down redirects & redirect chains

MetaTags.io  Experiment with content then preview how a webpage will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Netspeak Spider  SEO crawler that helps you do a fast, comprehensive technical audit of an entire website

Page Optimizer Pro  Advanced on-page optimization scanning and recommendations tool

SEO Minion  Good for really quick checks on the basic on-page SEO of a page.

SEO Tester Online  SEO Analysis Online for your Website.

Word Ai  An Article Rewriter.

WordLift  Helps you identify entities that you’re writing about… and make those entities clear for search engines.

WP Cheetah WordPress speed optimization service – Speed up WordPress with real developers.


Power Google Search A time saver tool that displays Google search results for a number of keywords. You input your keywords and this tool opens new tabs showing the results of searches for each of those keywords.

Advanced Web Ranking Keyword research rank tracking hybrid tool

Add Prefix or Suffix Bulk add suffix/prefix to keywords is a free online tool that will help you add any given prefix or suffix.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator Find new ways to discover new keywords

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer Discover thousands of great keywords ideas.

Answer The Public Combines Autosuggest scraping with a question scraper.

Bing Ads Intelligence Microsoft advertising intelligence is a powerful keyword planning tool that will allow you to build and expand on your keyword lists.

Bulk Keyword Generator Perfect SEO keyword tool for small businesses

Fraq Fox Engage, interact with and provide real value to your customer’s without knowing what they want in the first place.

Google Keyword Planner Plan your search network campaigns, get performance insights and see keyword ideas.

Google Trends Search trends from Google

GerpWords Reasonably priced keyword research tool with an excellent question scrapers.

Keyword Clustering Clustering based on the Top 10 search results that has proven to be incredibly powerful tool to get a comprehensive keyword structure.

Keyword Combiner Designed for Adwords. A great tool to find keywords that you can use for SEO as well

Keyword Eye Unique keyword research tool that shows you keyword suggestions as a word cloud.

Keyword Hero Shows you which keywords users used to land on your page in your Google Analytics account

Keyword Keg Unfair advantage by using the right keyword tools

Keyword Revealer Standard research tool with a cool “keyword Tree” feature. The tree will show you a keyword ideas as a tree.

Keyword Snatcher Probably gives you more keyword ideas than any other tool on the market because it finds keywords from a bunch of different places.

Keyword Tool Dominator A keyword tool that will scrape autocomplete suggestions from sites like Google, YouTube, Amazon and Etsy.

Keywords Everywhere A browser add on can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox. This extension will show you monthly search volume.

Keyword Spy This tool will scrape autocomplete suggestions from sites like Google and Amazon

KeywordStudio Theme based keyword research workspace for SEO professionals

KW Finder A keyword research tool

Long Tail Pro A easy to use keyword research tool. Just enter a keyword and get suggestions

Longtail Keyword Finder Find long tail keywords with low SEO Competition

LSI Graph Start generating Latent Semantic Indexing keywords for your SEO needs

Market Samurai Will help you find those gold nugget opportunities that exist in your marketplace. This tool also helps you avoid dead end projects.

Merge Words Use it for domain registrations, and Google Adwords

Moz Keyword Difficulty Rank higher than the competition by factoring important metrics.

Moz Keyword Explorer Perform in depth keyword and SERP analysis with industry leading research tool.

Questioin Analyzer Search the database for millions of real questions asked on forums and e-commerce sites

Question DB Enter a keyword to find the questions that your readers are asking.

Reddit ngram Online link sharing and commenting platform

Seed Keywords You can find out what people are actually typing into search boxes

SEMrush SEMRush works by showing your competitors top keywords

Sentinel Automatically identifies keyword opportunities  based on a proven set of ranking heuristics

Soovle A free tool that will pull autocomplete suggestions from a handful of different sources like Google, Amazon and Wikipedia

TermExplorer Provides you with thousands of keywords ideas through organic competition info

Topvisor Research keywords, check rankings and crawl your website

Ubersuggest Quickly find new keywords not available in Google Keyword Planner

Ultimate Niche Finder Keyword Research Tool

Word Count Works as a keyword count, character count and word count tool that will analyze any text that you may copy and paste.

Wordstream Free keyword tool and resources for SEO and PPC that is designed to help search marketers with keyword suggestions and keyword grouping.

Alt Text Checker  A simple plugin to Chrome that tells you what are related keywords to your search with their search volume as well as details about searched query directly in Google inpu


Buy Proxies Elite, private and high anonymous proxies

PrivateInternetAccess Buy a safe and secure VPN

Proxy Switcher Help surf anonymously. Be able to change proxy.

Proxy Key Find the perfect proxy solution

Storm Proxies Residential rotating and private proxies

Squid Proxies Anonymous proxies

MPP GroupPrivate proxies designed “White hat” search engine marketing industries


Zemanta Platform for managing digital native media buying on one dashboard

Outbrain Advertising network for publishers and advertisers

BuySellAds Advertising network for niche tech audiences

Bannersnack Banner making tool

AdEspresso Advertising platform for multiple ad networks

BuySellAds Get the most of every impression and reach highly qualified audiences curated publisher properties.

Facebook ads Communicate with people on Facebook

Google AdSense Boost your revenue by tapping into the biggest network of online advertisers.

Google AdWords Google is where most people do searching. Your ad can appear on Google the moment someone is looking for products like yours.

 Linkedin Advertising Promote your company updates to target audiences.

Pinterest Ads Promote your best pins. These pins will appear in the most relevant places.

Quora People visit Quora every day to ask questions and read insightful answers. Advertising on Quora can help reach millions of people.

Reddidt Advertising Reach influential communities made up of millions of people engaging with today’s relevant content.

SyndicateAds The best way to promote what you do is though interesting and unique stories.

Twitter Ads Get your messages in front of people not yet following you.

Waze Advertising Create meaningful branded experiences within the context of a drive.

Reddit Advertising Reach influential communities made of millions of people engaging with today’s relevant content.

Link Building

Authority Builder White hat outreach

LinkResearchTools Software that offers link audits, back link analysis and risk monitoring, competitor analysis, and link building tools

Citation Lab’s Link Prospector An industrial level link opportunity finder. Scans the web for link building opportunities.

DIBZ Just enter the type of links you want to build(for example, resource page backlinks) and it’ll get to work finding link opportunities

EpicBeat Analyzes successful content in your industry and tells you what trends work well

FCS Networker Web 2.0 and social link building tool

GroupHigh A blogger outreach software

GSA Backlink building tool

Gscraper Powerful scraper for you link building

Link Hunter Find sites with 100s of relevant websites in seconds.

Linkbird A keyword research, rank tracking, back link analysis and link building tool

LinkMiner Checks for broken links on a page.

LinkResearchTools The most complete, freshest and consistent link data you can get.

Linkstant Sends you an email alert every time you get a new link

Loganix Content marketing and editorial link building experts help you earn valuable mentions on popular websites

MailShake A tool that focuses on cold outreach and mass email campaigns

Marie Hanyes’ Disavow Blacklist Upload the URL of the page to the tool and it will let you know if the domain is on Marie’s comprehensive list of spammy websites.

Magic PR High authority do follow links from press syndications and more

Money Robot Link building software

Moz Link Profiler Research backlinks and find link building opportunities

Ontolo Enter a few keywords and Ontolo will show you lots of link opportunities

Outreach Pete White Label Link Building Agency

Outreach Plus An email outreach tool to automate, simplify and track outreach 

Press Synergy White Hat Links

Rank Club Safe and Effective SEO Solutions

Scrapebox The Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools.

SEO Autopilot Backlinks on Autopilot

SEO Spyglass Find all links to any domain.

Skyrocket Digital Includes a crawler which will analyze millions of links per day to bring you more opportunities that are invisible to others.

The Upper Ranks A boutique link building company helping some of the largest brands in the world increase their online presence.

URL Profiler Can be configured to retrieve a large array of link, content and even social data for almost any task.

Social Media

Tagboard Production Software to create social media content

SharedCount Tool to track URL Shares & Likes

WebUpon Share Tally Tool to see social signals on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Buffer

Mixpanel Analytics platform for social media

Sprout Social Understand your audience, engage your community by measuring performance with the all in one social media platform build for connection.

Social Hub A helpful social media management software for your team.

Sendible Be able to streamline how you manage your social media for brands from planning to collaboration.

Ritetag Improve your ROI of your posts with just one click right from your scheduling tool.

Postcron Post on all your social media, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook pages, Twitter, Linkedin all from one place.

Oktopost Monitor, manage and measure all your social media activities to reach your B2B marketing goals.

Hootsuite Hootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing and reporting on social media.

BuzzBundle Find online conversations about your brand, company and products to engage with your audience.

Buffer Plan, collaborate and publish content that will drive meaningful engagement to your brand.

Adjelly A free tool that was created to help designers, marketers and small business owners get through the mazes of online and research.

Facebook Debugger Use this to see the information that is used when your website is being shared on Facebook, Messenger or other places.

Facebook Page Insights View your page insights by clicking on insights at the top of your page. From here you can view all the metrics about your page by clicking sections on the left hand side.

TrendSpottr Will show you content that’s trending on Twitter.

Twitter Card Validator Test your Twitter card implementation by entering a URL.


Let’s Encrypt This is a free, automated and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group

HSTS Preload List This tool is able to form and submit domains for inclusion in Chrome’s HTTP Strict Transport Security preload list.

Cloudflare Speeds up and protects websites, APIs, SaaS services connected to the internet.

SSL Test A deeper analysis of the configuration of any SSL web server on the internet.

Penalty Checkers

Website Penalty Indicator This tool lines up with your organic traffic with dates of Google penalties.

Remove’em A pro level link removal tool. Evaluates all of your backlinks to let you know which ones are harmful.

Panguin Tool Wondering if you got hit by a penalty? The panguin tool will help you get to the bottom of it. Link Panguin to your Google Analytics and Panguin will show if your organic traffic has dipped.

Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations This tool can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic.

Rmoov A great link removal tool. Comes packed with helpful features such as finding a site owner’s contact info.

Link Audit

OpenLinkProfiler A free link research tool that enables you to check the back link of any website.

Open Site Explorer A complete link metric for any website, including PA(page authority and DA(domain authority)

Monitor Backlinks A great monitoring tool for back links and keywords.

Markup Helper Help with adding structured data markup to a sample web page

Majestic SEO The largest link index database

Linkody This tool lets you know when you get or even lose a back link.

Link Detox Be able to find toxic links that could harm your website.

Kerboo Used to search professionals to make the time intensive task of doing a link audit on  your back link.

Ahrefs Track your back links, keywords, and brand mentions to know what your competitors are doing.

SEOExplorer See where you rank, spy on your competition keyword and discover new link opportunities

Data Enrichment

Pipl organizations that can access over 3 billion identities to validate transactions and investigate sources

Mattermark Web crawlers, primary sources, and natural language to process and extract data from millions of news and websites daily.

Leadworx Identify unknown visitors that build meaningful connections on preferred channels.

Experian Once your records are cleaned we can append missing or incomplete information to enhance your records with more than 900 available data attributes.

Clearbit The marketing data engine for all your customer interactions. Understand your customers and identify future prospects.

Content Curation

Pocket Save articles, videos, and your stories from any publication page.

Feedly Keep up with the latest topics that matter to you.

Competitive Analysis, Traffic

SimilarWeb Innovative market intelligence solutions empower businesses to help make better decisions.

Ahrefs Site Explorer In depth look at organic search traffic and backlink profile for any website or URL.

SpyFu Uncover keywords that a few of your competitors rank for.


Search Engine Watch Provides tips and information about searching the web analysis of the search engine industry to help site owners to improve the ability to be found in searches.

Search Engine Roundtable Reports on the most interesting threads taking place in the SEM(Search Engine Marketing) forums.

Search Engine Land Shows competitor ads on local business profiles.

Bifferapp Blog This tool has a collection of agency advice, tips and strategy.

SEO by the Sea Focuses upon SEO from sources such as patents and white papers from the search engines.


Voiceflow Collaboratively design, and build voice applications for Alexa, Amazon and Google Assistant

Structured Data

Schema App Produce quality connected schema markup in a fraction of the time.

Bing Markup Validator Bing’s tool that will validate structured data.

Google Stuctured Data Testing Tool Google’s tool that will validate structured

Merkle Generator Structured data generator to create JSON-LD markup including all of required item properties.

Microdata Generator Makes creating local SEO schema markup a breeze.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer A Chrome Extension that unveils metadata oriented structured data embedded within HTML documents.

Structured Data Linter Enter a URL to see what structured data your page contains

A/B Testing

A/B Rankings Test changes to your page titles, meta descriptions or otherpage elements

AB Tasty We help brands build better user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities, faster.

DistilledODN Discover which SEO changes to your website result in an uplift to your traffic.

Google Optimize Single platform that integates your advertising and analytics so you can act on customer insights faster.

Omniconvert Insert your data into the cells and learn the right mix of growth tactics you need in order to grow your online business.

Optimizely Leading experimentation platform, empowering marketing and product teams to test.

RankScience SEO automation platorm improving your websites SEO through A/B test and science.

RankSense Detect traffic killing SEO issues in real time.

Updatable Modify content, fix errors and deploy redirects

Visual Website Optimizer Improves key business metrics by empowering you to discvoer insights, test ideas and improve engagement.


Little Warden Checks every hour so you don’t have to. Checks for issues and preventing them from undermining your work.

SEO Radar Monitor’s your pages for SEO changes and alerts users of issues.


Blog Topic Generator Let us think of blog ideas for you.

BuzzSumo Find winning content, generate ideas and create high performing content.

ClearScope Makes it easy to get more out of the content your’re working on.

Cognitive SEO Content Assistant Use of advanced Google semantic search algorithms.

Contently Great content requires a content marketing platform that streamlines campaigns and great storytellers.

Copypress Turnkey solution for generating and promoting content tied to your marketing initiatives.

Grammarly Compose bold and clear mistake free writing

Headline Analyzer Write headlines that will drive in traffic

Headline Generator Be able to write engaging titles

Hemingway Highlights lengthy, complex sentences and errors

Hey Nishi Showcasing websites that nail copywriting

Kapost Content operations platform unites revenue teams to speak in one voice across each customer journey. Because we know those managing the complexity of end-to-end content—particularly at scale—deserve a platform that’s up to the challenge.

Link Bait Title Generator This title generator will do the hard work for you with giving you an idea. Just enter the subject to generate a variety of compelling headlines.

MarketMuse An advanced content analysis tool. Scans your content and compares it to similar on the web.

Natural Language API A collection of APIs that will offer text analysis through natural language processing.

NewsCred Unleash the potential of marketing team to plan, collaborate and crate exceptional campaigns.

nTopic Content relevancy tool that will scan your content and give you suggestions to make your post more SEO friendly.

Plagium Helps ensure the originality of a text by detecting possible plagiarisms.

Portent Content Idea Audit, consult and create content that delivers to audience intent

Quetext Plagiarism checker and a citation assistant

Ryte Provides a comprehensive on the latest information of site health, and impressions

Scribe by Copyblogger Bridges the gap between old school on page SEO and new school content marketing.

SEMRush Content Template Analyze your rivals’ content and gives you ideas to write optimized content

SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant An extension that will provide instant recommendations for content optimization.

Siege Media EMbed Code Generator Inforgraphic embed code generatory.

Siteliner Find duplicate content or broken links.

Snip.ly Adds custom call to action to any page on the web. Allowing you to engage your followers.

SocialAnimal Find and analyze the top performing content for any topic or competitor.

Spinner Rewriter Web based content spinner.

Text Tools Content optimization app based on a formula known as TF-IDF and WDF-IDF that will calculate the quality of a body of text on a webpage.

TextCleanr Quick and easy web based way to fix up text when copying and pasting between applications.

The Best Spinner Content spinner

Zest.is Learn to transform your new tab into a powerhouse for consuming marketing knowledge.

Website Scrapers

HTTrack Allows you to download a word wide website from the internet to a local directory

Website Downloader One of the easiest way to download a website


Map Broker XML Sitemap Helpful free tool that makes sure you have a valid sitemap.

W3C CSS Validator Enter teh URI of a document you would like validated.

W3C HTML Validator This particular validator checks the markup validity of web documents.


About URLs, Lazyloading Deliver search-friendly JavaScript powered websites.

Creative Link Building Backlinko’s guide to link building

Google Digital Garage Google’s online courses are designed for you to grow your business.

How to start a startup Free video series

Hreflang Guide SEO’s guide to hreflang

Log file analysis for SEO Looking to improve your SEO by understanding how their website is being crawled.

Microsoft Excel for SEOs Excel for SEO is a guide to help professionals get meaningful information

Mobile Measurement Glossary Deep linking to help you build knowledge.

Plato web design SEO guide 3 minute guide for beginners

SEO Pirates Puzzle to find SEO “treasure”

Technical SEO challenge A puzzle to help learn technical SEO

Web performance Introduction to the modern web loading performance.


Adroll Convert and attract vistors to your online store with display ads.

Perfect Audience Bring all of your retargeting advertising together

ReTargeter A tool that helps companies reach 98% of users who don’t convert right away.


W3Schools CSS Development

Data Studio

CrUX report Turn your data into informative dashboards and reports that make it easy to read.

Domain Tools

DNS Check Helps analye your website load speed

Domain Hunter Plus Similar to Check My Links. This particular tool checks to see if there is a broken link domain avaliable for registration.

DomCop Shows a list of all these domains along with important metrics for every domain.

Reverse IP Finds domains sharing the same IP address or subnet

SendGrid Email service that’s trusted by developers and marketers for time savings and delivery expertise.


10MinuteMall Provides free secure temporary email accounts

AWeber Powerful simple features that let you concentrate on your business not your marketing technology.

BarracudaCentral Maintains a history of IP address for both known spammers and senders with good email practices.

Beetle Catalogue millions of emails for designers

Betaout Omni-channel marketing automation tool

Boomerang Take control of when you send and receive email messages

Clearbit Connect Gives you access to the largest data. The information of millions of comapnies is just a click away.

DripScripts Gives you the option to customize proven email sseqences that are specifically structured to turn your leads into customers.

Elucify Email Checker A simple tool for verifying email addresses

Email CSS Breakdown of the CSS support for the most poppular mobile, web and desktop email clients.

Email Hippo Verification technology from Email Hippo that will connect to mailboxes and check whether an email address exists.

Email Markup Control previews by annotating emails, including images, expiration dates and deals.

Email Markup Tester

Email on Acid Tests your email against 23 of the most popluar spam filters and will provide easy to read graphs with instant stats.

Email Revealer

Email Template Generator An email template generator to help find the right words to say.

EmailHunter Allows you to find email address in seconds and connect with people that matter for your business.

EmailOctopus Everything you’ll ever need to get the most for your email marketing.

EmailonDeck Disposable and throwaway email address

FullContact Enriched context about your contacts without leaving your inbox

Gmail Autoresponder Auto replies to email messages in Gmail with intelligent responses

Good Email Copy Email copy from great companies

Good Sales Email Learn how some of the best companies are doing sales. Get a look at their campaigns.

Great Email Copy Removes the friction that many new users encounters with a new product.

HTML Email Designs Beautiful emails to help inspire your email designs

InBox Inspector A comprehensive marketing software platform that will help you create content, and boost sales.

InboxKitten Use this tool when you don’t want to get spammed by revealing your real email address.

Inky’s Inliner Inlining is the process of prepping an HTML email for delivery to email clients.

ISnotSpam Online spam checker was created to help test email and newsletters.

Litmus This tool helps make it easier to build, test and monitor your every email for best results

Mail Tester Test the spam of your emails

MailChimp Use tags that will help deliver the right message to the right people

MailDrop Use this when you don’t want to give out your real email address.

MailDude A free anit-mails-you-dont-want-service

MailGun Powerful APIs that will enable you to send, receive and track email effortlessly.

Mailinator Puts millions of inboxes at your fingertips.

MailTest This tool allows you to enter an e-mail address to verify it exists

MotionMall Increase engagement, conversion and sales by enhancing your marketing.

Newsletter City

Notablist Search 600,000 email senders to build prospect lists that are targeted by the technologies they use.

Nova Platform for B2B sales

Ontraport From emails to pages and pop-up forms you can seamlessly create and connect.

Paved Makes it easy to launch sponsored campaigns and manager publisher relationships.

Postmark Process the spam score of incoming or outgoing email messages.

Postmaster Tools Analyze your email performance and help Gmail route your messages to the right places.

PutsMail Test you HTML emails before sending

Really Good Emails Collection of emails that show off both design and code

Rebump Sends friendly follow up messages to your email recipients for you.

ReputationAuthority Check your domain/IP behavior score

Revue An editorial newsletter tool for writers

Rocket Reach Connect directly with the right decision makers by using the world’s largest and accurate database of emails and direct dials.

Senderbase A regular intelligence update from Cisco Tools that will highlight the biggest threats each week and other security news.

SenderScore A number between 0 and 100 that will identify your sender reputation

SendPulse All delivery channels on one platform

Sendy Self hosted email newsletter application that lets you track emails via Amazon Simple Email Service.

Sidekick Get notified the moment a lead opens your email

SpamScoreChecker Check your SpamAssassin Score for free.

Streak Set up and customize a perfect process for your team no matter what the use of work is or how you work.

SubectLine Free rating tool to evaluate your subject line.

Subject Line Test Email subject line tester

Templates for Gmail Save time by writing emails faster using templates for Gmail

TrustedSource Provides an online tool that will enable you to check if a site is categorized within a various versions of the SmartFilter Internet Database.

Upstart.me Attract more customers by sponsoring newsletters that will get read by the same people you are trying to reach.

VoilaNorbert Boost the ROI of your next email campaign.

Zoho One of teh 30+ online applications that was developed by Zoho ranging from email, online office and site builder.


Appcues Deliver the friction less, product led experiences your users demand.

Bootstrap Tour One of the easiest way to show people your website

Elevio Acts as a 24/7 automated support team. Delivering in-app help to the right customer at the right time.

Hey User Interactive and personalized customer support platform

Inline Manual Create without code. Use the digital adoption platform to create interactive walk through, tool tips and support articles in your app.

Intro.js Developed to enable web and mobile developers to create step by step introductions

Tour My App Use in application guided tours to onboard new users or highlight features in your app.

User Onboard Process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product.

Walk Me Digital Adoption Platform makes it effortless to use any software, website or app.


Moat Real-time, multi-platform and actionable marketing analytics

Native Advertising Examples A paid content that matches publication’s editorial standards while meeting expectations.


Gleam.io Marketing apps that are designed to help you grow your business email list

Heyo Run contests, sweepstakes, and interactive campaigns anywhere you want across social media, mobile and web.

Insite Drag and droop interface enables you and your team to build pixel perfect websites.

PartnerStack Support your partner marketing, referral and reseller channel needs from a single platform

Rafflecopter This tool makes it super simple to launch and manage a giveaway for any brand on any website.

Referral Candy Reward your customers for referrals and watch the sales and shares roll in

Refersion Manage, track and even grow your network and promotions like never before.

Rewards Fuel Quickly and easily create contests

Smile.io Turn one time sales into repeat customers with a loyalty program

Viral Loops Revolutionary template based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers.

Domain Auctions

NameCheap Buy a domain and create your website today.


Calendly Helps you schedule meetings without the back and forth emails Response IQ Intelligent callback platform to help you business increase inbound calls and conversions

Public Relations

A News Tip Allows you to search for relevant media contacts by what they have written or tweeted.

BusinessWire Reach your press release and disclosure targets. Track and results to refine your messages

CoverageBooks Make coverage reports faster

Google News Downloader Uses Google News API to look for news stories worldwide

HARO Provides journalists with a robust database of sources for upcoming stories

I-Newswire Distribute the right message to the right audience

Muck Rack An impressive PR tool that will help you quickly find journalists that cover your sites industry

OnlinePRNews Cost effective business exposure

PR Attract new customers and gain visibility online via top search engines

PRNewswire Industry’s best press release distribution network

PRWeb Offers a new and improved tool to increase digital word of mouth

PRX Will help you develop a media strategy and launch outreach campaigns

ResponseSource Make it easier to connect with the media

SourceBottle Connecting expert sources with journalists and bloggers

Submit.co Where to get press coverage for your startup

Ranking Factors

Northcutt Google Ranking Factors A complete guide includes factors that are controversial and total myths but provided filters to hide the junk.

Search Engine Ranking Factors This tool gathers data to gain insight into the factors that may help or hurt a website’s visibility in search engines.

Text Editors

Auto Rename Tag Automatically rename a paired HTML/XMLg, as Visual Studio IDE does

Beautify This extension enables running js-beautify in VS code and honoring any jsbeautifyrc file in the open file’s path tree to load your code styling.

BraketHighlighter GitHub is the home to more than 40 million developers who work together to host and review code, manage projects and build software together.

Change-case A wrapper around node-change-case for Visual Studio Code. You can quickly change the case of the current selection or current word.

Diffchecker A tool to compare text differences between two text files

Package Control Sublime text package manager that will make it exceedingly simple to find and install packages up to date.

Sublime Text A text editor for code, markup and prose.

SVG Viewer Unique coding language used to create SVG files

VS code Highlighting and autocomplete with IntelliSense which will provide smart completions based on variable types.


View Rendered A Chrome extension that will show you how the browser has constructed a pages original HTML into a functioning DOM including modifications.

SERP Fluctuations

Google Grump Grump rating highlights unrest in Google’s algorithm

Mozcast Weather report showing turbulence in the Google algorithm over the previous days.

Rank Risk Index Measures SERP fluctuations for 10,000+ domains and keywords

SemRush Sensor

SERP Watch Website position monitoring

SERPmetrics Once you head over to this tool learn how volatile Google has been over the last 30 days.

Winners & Losers Offers spectacular analysis based on the industry’s largest demand database for search and content performance.


Compete Traffic tools

Quantcast Traffic tools

SiteWorthTraffic Traffic tools

Traffic Estimate Traffic tools

Graphic & Video SEO Tools

AdSector  Search, Find, Spin. Take the guesswork out of designing ads that grab attention

Animoto  Video maker to create your own videos

AudioBlocks  Royalty-Free Audio Library – Stock Music, Sound Effects & Loops

Design Wizard An easy-to-use image and video editor + premium template library Freepiks  Free Vectors, Photos and PSD Downloads

Morningfame  Gives you insanely actionable insights on your YouTube channel

PicMonkey  Photo Editor and Graphic Design Maker

Piktochart  Create Info graphics, Presentations & Flyers

Pixteller  Free Photo & Animation Maker

Powtoon  Make Videos and Animations Online

Promo  Marketing Video Maker

Review Handout Generator  Allows quick generation of handout’s to help clients work to get reviews right at the start of a new campaign

Social Blade  A way to spy on your Youtube competitors

Stencil  Online Graphic Design Tool

StockUnlimited  Free Vector Graphics, Clip Art, Icons, Photos and Images

Storyblocks  Stock Photos, Vectors, & Graphics

TubeBuddy  A tool for getting the most out of your Youtube channel

VideoBlocks  Unlimited Stock Video, Footage, & AE Templates

VidIQ  A video SEO software suite. Includes tools for video keyword research, analytics, and video optimization

webp express  Create webp images on the fly

YTCockpit  Video keyword research

Keyword Generators & Analyzers

AT SERP  Keyword Rank Checker

Can I Rank  Provides a breakdown of how your page compares to the first page competition.

Entire Web  Allows you to submit sites to multiple search engines at the same time.

FAQfox  Question scraper tool for reddit, quora, etc

FATRANK Keyword Rank Checker  Allows you to go to any site, type in keywords and instantly see where it ranks

Exploding Topics Scours the internet to find exploding content topics before they take off.

Google Location Changer (SERPs) This handy little tool shows you the SERPs for a specific local area …even if you don’t happen to live there

Google Search Autocomplete Search & see from the auto-fill what people are searching for. This helps with building out long-tail keywords for a site

Gookey  A keyword research tool for bloggers

GrepWords  A keyword research tool with an excellent question scraper

HitTail  Shows you which keywords tend to bring in the most traffic for you

Imforsmb.com’s Bulk Keyword Generator  This tool can help you find local keywords that potential customers search for

Infinite Suggest  Scrapes Google’s autocomplete suggestions

iSpionage  Keyword research tool that’s similar to SEMrush’s tool

Jaaxy  Keyword research tool that specializes in spitting out lots of closely-related keywords

Keyworddit  Scrapes Reddit for the most common keywords people use in a certain subreddit

KeywordTool.io  Keyword research tool that scrapes Google Autocomplete results

Kmeta  Keyword research tool

Kombinator  Just pop in a bunch of different keywords and the tool will mash them all together

kwfinder.com  – An alternative to the Google Keyword Planner

Multi-Highlight  Highlight several different “words” or “phrases”(like keywords) and a variety of colors and the tool will highlight them in every page visited

Netgrows keyword suggestor  Keyword Suggestion tool

Nozzle  Keyword rank tracker.

Power Suggest Pro  A desktop-based keyword research tool

Productlead SEO keyword search tool that analyzes website rankings

SEO Plugin By Squirrly  A WordPress plugin that automatically analyzes content for SEO and human readability

Serps  Daily Rank Tracking Software for Large Scale SEO

SERPStat  Generates mass keyword ideas and provides data like search volume, competition and more

ShareMetric Lightning-fast screenshot of a page’s social shares, links and Google keyword rankings

StoryBase  A long tail keyword research tool

webtextanalyzer  Keyword optimization tool

Webtexttool  A hybrid keyword research and content optimization tool

Wondersearch  A keyword tool that generates keywords from Google “People also ask…”  boxes

Wordtracker Scout  A (free) Chrome extension that finds keywords within a piece of content

WordTracker  Internal index of keywords that the GKP simply won’t show you

Backlink Analysis SEO Tools

Expired Domains dot Net  Expired Domain Name Search Engine

G-Indexer Index backlinks and Website URL’s

Indexification  Fast backlink Indexing

Link Miner  Helps find broken links for potential backlink opportunities as well as to see competitors internal and external links

Link Research Tools  A link analysis tool with some link building features built into it

Linkio  SEO Monitoring for Link Builders

Rhino Rank  – Link Outreach tools.

SEOGadget for Excel  – Pulls data from Moz and Majestic into an Excel spreadsheet

WebMeUp Backlink Tool  – A link analysis tool with a huge index of backlinks

Web Page Ranking & Tracking Tools

Competitorsapp Monitors a competitor’s marketing channels for updates

GeoRanker  A local SEO (Google Maps) rank tracking tool

Incites  Analytics platform that automates insight discovery using machine learning and natural-language understanding

Local Falcon  Local Rank Tracking Tool for Maps

Local Search Results Checker  Check local and organic rankings as if we are in that geo quickly for fast spot checks

NightWatch  SEO dashboard

Observe Point Tag Debugger Chrome Extension Troubleshoot and audit analytics tags, variables and on-click events. Supports Adobe Analytics, and Google Analytics

Rankinity  Website rank tracking in real time

Rankz.io  Growth Marketing Tools for SEO Professionals

Rival IQ  Pits your social media and SEO presence against your competitors

SEOlium  A rank tracking tool that ensures accuracy across a large number of local, state/national, and Worldwide SEO projects.

SEO Rank Monitor  SEO Rank Monitor tracks your keywords against your competitors. Also does Youtube Rank checking

Serpbook  Rank Tracker Providing Real Time Data

SERPChecker  Get local SERPs for more than 50k locations

SERPWoo  Rank tracking platform

Serpworx  31 SEO metrics in just a click

Topics SEO  Search and ranking data in once research tool

Visualobserver  Visual website monitoring

Website Authority Checker  Checks webpage Domain Authority scores

Wincher  Rank tracking platform

Whatsmyserp  Rank tracking platform

WordTail  Rank tracking platform

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

VWO  The #1 split testing platform in the world

Google Optimize  Free service from Google to perform split testing and more

Optimizely  The world’s leading progressive delivery & experimentation platform

Robert , founder of Nimbus Marketing, with his family on the porch of their Westchester home
Robert Portillo, founder of Nimbus Marketing, and his family.

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Robert Portillo is the founder of Nimbus Marketing. Nothing satisfies him more than expressing his thoughts well. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. He can often be found at local farmer’s markets, hiking trails, and the beach.

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