Online Marketers love SEO Optimization tools. They make their lives easier and help them deliver more value. We’ve compiled a list of almost every tool we could find. There are 968 of them on this evolving list. Take a look and see if there’s anything useful to you.

Please keep in mind this is a rough work in progress. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tools that are not on this list. For example, we barely scratched the surface with Chat apps.

Some tools are hard to categorize, while others could easily fit in many categories. If you spot an obvious mistake, please let us know by emailing us at

Note: We purposely did not include some of our SEO Optimization tools. Some tools are just too good to share! But if you feel like your tool should be on our list, please feel free to send us your best pitch to


Technical SEO Tools & Tool Suites

Airtable  The hybrid offspring of an Excel spreadsheets and a SQL database

Alli AI  Artificial Intelligence for SEO

Anstrex Ultimate  Build Campaigns Today by Spying on Your Competition  Check the history of a website to see whether or not auction domains are worth bidding on Article Builder  Google-Friendly Push Button Articles & Auto-blog Content-

SEO-Browser Simple tool for seeing your site from the eyes of a search engine spider

Lipperhey This tool analyzes your site for technical SEO issues and provides a basic SEO content analysis.

Redirect Path The HTTP header & redirect checker for SEO  Blogpatcher  On Page SEO checker CBEngine  Affiliate Marketing Tools & Click-Bank Calculators Chrome Lighthouse  A technical SEO tool that helps you to assess page speed, DOM rendering problems, and assess the mobile version of a site

ClickFlow  This tool shows you pages on your site that have the highest potential for growth

Clusteric  Provides features like site audits, competitor analysis, search visibility and more

Cocolyze  All-in-one SEO tool

Colinkri  Get your link crawled  Tool to test different title tag and meta description ideas

DebugBear  Website monitoring for developers

DigitalBull GO  GMB Audit & Optimization Tool

DomDetailer  Professional Domain Quality Checking

EasyRedir  Makes redirecting traffic between different domains super easy

eCom Inspector  Find Winning eCommerce Products

Forecheck  Crawls your site to uncover issues that may be holding you back from Google’s first page

GMBfactory Software for managing, posting and ranking GMB’s

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer  Adds filters to your account that remove over 100 know spammy referrer websites from your list of referring domains

Google Codelabs Steps you through the process of building a small application, or adding a an existing application to a webpage

Google Developer in Chrome  Google Chrome for developers

Google Drive (Sheets, Data Studio, Docs, etc).  Complete free suite of document and file storage and processing tools

Google GA Debugger  Prints useful information to the Javascript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript

Google Lighthouse  An open-source, automated tool for improving the quality of web pages

Google Mobile-Friendly Test How do you know if a page on your site is up to snuff? Just enter the URL into the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool…and you’ll get a simple “yes/no” answer from Big G

Google XML Sitemaps  A wordpress plugin that creates an SEO-friendly sitemap of your site automatically

HeadMasterSEO  Lets you check 301 redirects and canonical URLs on huge lists of URLs with ease

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool  Create Href-lang tags with ease

JSONLD Tester Chrome Extension  Check structured data / rich snippets on a webpage regardless of whether it is online, on an intranet or behind a passworded page.

Kill Duplicate  Scans the web for content thieves

LinkPatrol  A WordPress plugin that shows you all of your site’s external links

Marketing Miner  Data mining tool for online marketers

META SEO Inspector Chrome Extension  Inspect the META data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing  SEO and Site Architecture Tool.

Mongools  Backlink Analysis, Website Analysis, Keyword Research, SERP Analysis and Rank Tracking.

MorningScore  An all-in-one SEO tool made for busy founders and marketers

Neil Patel’s Tools  A suite of tools for keyword research, domain research, and backlink data.

Neils Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel  An SEO Add-in for Excel with lots of features.

Pulno  SEO Audit and Website Analysis

Rank Math SEO Plugin Free WordPress SEO Tools

Rankactive  SEO software platform

Rarchy  A visual sitemap creator and generator tool

Rel Nofollow Checkbox  This WordPress plugin lets you easily set links on your site as “nofollow”

Robots.txt Viewer Chrome Extension  Check the robots.txt content on websites with one click

Search Latte  Enter your keyword, pick an international version of Google, and see that country’s search results

SeeRobots Chrome Extension  Displays the meta robots information of the website you are viewing

Senuto  SEO tool set rank tracker, keyword explorer and more

SEO Effect tools  Comprehensive set of SEO tools

SEO META in 1 Click  A tool that displays all meta tags/data and main SEO information clearly

SEO Monitor  A dashboard for your SEO performance

SEO Ultimate for WordPress  All in one SEO Plugin tool

SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker  Get a list of PA and DA for a large list of URLs

Seobility  A site auditor  Live log analysis to improve SEO

Seomator  An SEO audit software suite that gives loads of information about a site’s SEO health

SEOPress  A simple & fast SEO Plugin.

SEOptimer  Analyze Websites With this Free SEO Audit & Reporting Tool  On-page SEO Tool and SEO Check

SER Verified Lists  SER Verified Lists Verified Targets Solution For GSA SERPs

SerpAPI  Google Search API

SERPed  Suite of SEO Tools.

SERPsim  SERP snippet generator and SERP simulator optimization tool

Simple Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator  A tool that ensures redirects are setup correctly

Sinum Suite of SEO tools

Spider Test Tool  This search engine indexing simulator tool shows the source code of a page, all outbound links on the page, and common words and phrases found in the page copy

The SEO Framework Plugin on WordPress  An SEO plugin that follows the white-hat guidelines and rules imposed by WordPress and search engines.

Traffic Travis  SEO Software for your SEO & PPC Management needs

Web Developer extension  Quickly get data about any On-Page parameter

Web Sniffer  A small tool to catch redirects, including redirect chains and loops

Webbee SEO Spider  Crawl Everything on your Website

WebCEO  A world-class SEO platform that gives you access to a bunch of tools to boost your SEO

Website Grader by HubSpot  Grades your website based on performance (loading speed), mobile optimization, and on-page SEO

WP Speed Fix  WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Xovi  All-in-one online marketing suite

Ranking Factors
Cora Diff Tool Cora Diff is part of the Cora SEO Software Suite. It lets you Diff two Cora reports to see how they have changed. You can see which factors grew stronger or weaker. You can see the movers and shakers in the rankings. You can see progress towards goal on tuning your web page.

Postlight Mercury Browser extension to convert pages into clean text. Has an AMP converter tool as well

AMP Validator Chrome extension to check if a page is AMP, and then run it through the AMP Validator

AMP Project Another AMP Validator

AMP by Example A tool to help make your website AMP compatible.

Agency Tools

WebCEO Software suite designed to help run an agency including auditing tools and lead generation

STAT Rank tracking and SERP analytics tool for large-scale

Sistrix Software suite for agencies that identifies SERPs, helps with keyword research, page structure, and more

SEOmonitor Agency platform that includes Rank tracking and client retention

SEO PowerSuite Software suite that includes rank tracking, website auditing, Backlink research & auditing, and link building

Searchmetrics Enterprise level software suite

Unamo Agency analytics & reporting suite

linkdex Agency competition research software

Hubspot CRM with marketing automation

Conductor helps you create marketing that matters

Bright Edge The global leader in enterprise content performance.

Positionly Combines all the functionalities you loved at Positional with other innovative features.


Youtube Analytics Video and video search analytics

Yandex Metrica Analytics platform for Yandex

Webtrends Intranet analytics platform for SharePoint Social Media Analytics & Research tool

Google Tag Manager Google platform to create new tags for conversion tracking in Google Analytics

Statcounter Analytics software for user behavior tracking

Segment Analytics platform that integrates with multiple analytics platforms.

Referrer Spam Remover Tool to remove bots and fake traffic from Google Analytics data

loganix Tool for removing spam traffic from tracking

QuickSprout Analytics platform that plugs into Google Analytics to give detailed reports

Matomo Web analytics platform that allows heatmaps, session recordings, a/b testing, funnels, goals, and form analytics

Hotjar User behavior analytics with heatmaps and recordings

Heap Analytics platform

Google Analytics Configuration Tool Tool for configuring tracking codes, campaign URLS, and rank tracking

Fullstory Solve problems, find answers and fine tune your customer experience with digital intelligence platform

Clicky Monitors, analyze and reacts to traffic in real time

Pave AI Turn your Google Analytics data into insights using A.I

Intercom Observe Track, segment and understand every customer

GAChecker GA Checker spiders your site just like a search engine. GA is able to identify which pages contain Google Analytics or AdWords.

Crazy Egg Use Crazy Egg to help improve what’s working, fix what isn’t and test new ideas.

Analytics Course Become a Google analytics wizard with training

Barametrics Engagement tools for SaaS and subscription businesses.

Piwik Powerful web analytics platform that will give you and your business 100% data ownership and user privacy protection.

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool Quickly filters out spam bots by creating a segment in GA that will ignore traffic from spammy websites.

UTM Builder Create custom campaign parameters for advertising URLs.

Share Count The first API tool capable of giving you holistic engagement data on your website. Collect, clean and control your customer data with Segment.

Agency Analytics A reporting tool designed for digital marketing agencies


Sheer SEO SEO software that will autmoate your SEO efforts with rank tracking and link buidling

Supermetrics Report automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics

Reelevant Turn your mass marketing campaigs into content

Infusionsoft Create a repeatable sales process that makes it easier to set upo appointments, track leads and get quotes

ActiveCampaign Email marketing, Sales and CRM messaging

Agency Analytics A all in one reporting platform for agencies, SEO, PPC, Social, and call tracking dashboard.

User Engage A full marketing automation software for all messaging relationships.

Microsoft Flow Create automated workflows between all your favorite apps and services to get notifications and synchronize files

Infusionsoft Create a repeatable sales process that will help make it easier for you to set up appointments track leads and get quotes.

Autopilot Capture new leads from your website, app or blog and nurture them with personalized messages.

If This Then That A free way to get all your apps and devices talking to each other.

Mautic Mautic has joined forces with Acquia to deliver the world’s only open digital experience platform.

SENuke Automates today’s most crucial ranking factors to help boost your website.

Tray Integrate your entire stack with leading general automation platform.

Zapier Pick apps to explore workflow ideas


Simply Static Create a static site that can serve separately from your WordPress installation

Yoast Helps millions of websites rank higher in search engines.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer WordPress image optimization plugin

Async JavaScript Prevents above the fold content on your page from being rendered.

AMP Aims to enable web experiences that are consistently fast

Lazy Load XT Lazy Load is the fastest, lightest and fully customization lazy load plugin.

Glue for Yoast and AMP This tool makes sure your meta-data is implemented correctly.

Autoptimize Autoptimize makes optimizing your site really easy. It’s able to aggregate, minify, and cache scripts.

Plugin Organizer This particular plugin will allow you to change the order that your plugins are loaded, selectively disable plugins by any post type or wordpress managed URL.

Redirection One of the most popular redirect managers for WordPress. You can easily manage 301 redirects and keep track of 404 errors.

Push Notification

Pusher A category leader in robust API’s for app developers buiding realtime communication features.

Pushcrew Beyond emails and new age channels. Keep your visitors engaged with automated marketing campaigns through web push notifcations.

OneSignal The market leader in customer engagement, powering mobile push, web push and email.


Pitchbox A all in one link prospecting and outreach tool. Enter a few words and the tool will scan the web for people to promote to.

Outreach A tool that will search the web for websites that cover those topics.

Onalytica Content Get the right influences by topic, content and category.

Nivicakk New blogger outreach tool. Search for influential people to reach out to.

Mixmax This tool helps with personalized communication

JustReachOut PR software to get the exposure you need to grow your business.

Inky Bee Outreach blogger tool. Enter a keyword and Inky Bee shows you bloggers for that industry. Crystal This tool helps tell you anyone’s personality.

Charlie App Automate the hours of call prep and prospecting you wish your reps had the time to do.

Buzzstream This tool makes the messy job of email outreach and link building more organized.

Ninja Outreach An impressive new blogger outreach tool. Allows you to search for influential peeps and reach out to them.

Screen Recording

ShareX Screen capture, file sharing, productivity tool.

Openvid Narrate and capture. Instantly share videos to communicate

Loom A work communication tool that helps get your message across with a video.

LICEcap A intuitive but flexible application for Windows and OSX. Designed to be lightweight and function with the highest performance.

Screencast-O-Matic Video editing shouldn’t be difficult. These simple and intuitive tools help get the job done easily.

Influencer Marketing

Tribe Generates eye catching branded content at scale, speed and a fraction of the cost.

Tomoson Leverage 90,000+ influencers, unlimited content crawler to create, curate and post to your social media regularly.

Scrunch Get your ideal consumer with data driven audience insights.

Intellifluence A influencer marketing service that helps brands and influencers collaborate to achieve goals.

Grapevine Logic Combines influencer discovery and analytics with campaign execution and strategy.

HelloSociety A full service social storytelling agency