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social media marketing

How Smart Businesses Use Reviews to Drive Consumer Actions

Every business owner knows how important customer satisfaction and social media marketing is for their business. Word of mouth from happy customers helps…
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online marketing strategy

Why are Reviews so Important for Your Online Marketing Strategy?

A 2017 local consumer online marketing strategy survey has raised an alarming statistic that every business should think about. According to their information,…
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search engine optimization

Turn a Negative into a Positive With a New Perspective on Reviews

Any Search Engine Optimization expert will tell you that good reviews are great for your business. Good reviews help…
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Local Search Engine Optimization Los Angeles Directories

How Important are Online Citations for Local Search Engine Optimization?

Online citations are a business's ticket to better local search engine optimization results. Keeping your data current in online citations helps potential customers…
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Where do you hide a dead body? - On the second page of Google!