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Your Google My Business Dashboard with Nimbus Marketing

The next part of our dashboard to cover is the Google My Business dashboard. This is a great part of the dashboard because it gives you great data on how users are finding your business, and what they're doing with it.

Google My Business Summary

Once you've clicked on the Google My Business button, you'll first see the Summary tab. There's a lot going on here, so we'll break it down piece by piece. At the top it will show you your GMB listing's business details, including basic NAP info, hours of operation, and how many photos you have. 

Google My Business Insights

How customers search for your business

Below the basic information comes the real meat of the summary, the insights. Here you can see how customers are searching for your business; how many are searching for your business by name, and how many are discovering your business with keyword searches, such as "designer furniture los angeles". 


Where customers view your business

This section shows you which Google property customers are using to find your business. This is divided between search and maps. A search is just typing into the browser window, or going to Google and searching, where maps is either going to Google Maps on the browser, or using the Maps app on the phone and searching. 

Customer Actions on your Google My Business Listing

Here you'll see what customers did after they found your Google My Business listing. This is divided by visits to your website, requests for directions, and calls to your store.

It's important to note that calls to your store may be inaccurate on this screen. The reason for that is Google can only track calls when the customer clicks or taps on the phone number, which means they mostly only capture Mobile calls. If someone looks you up on a desktop and then manually calls the business, Google has no idea. 

Phone Calls from your GMB listing

Because phone calls are the most important metric to many kinds of businesses, Google breaks out your phone call data to show you when the calls they tracked came through. You can sort this by:


The reviews section is not as powerful as the Reputation Management portion of your dashboard, but it will show you the most recent 5 reviews on your GMB listing, your total GMB reviews, and your average rating on GMB. 


The duplicate section will show you if there are any duplicat GMB listings for your business. This is important because Google will penalize companies if they discover duplicate listings for that business. 

NAP Comparison

The NAP Comparison compares the data in our system to the data that's displaying on the GMB listing. This is important because NAP consistency is a critical element to local rankings.

Other Ranking Factors

Other ranking factors shows a brief breakdown of certain ranking factors. If you have any questions about the results of this page, please contact us and we will answer for you. 

Keyword Comparison Tabs

Finally, there are the keyword comparison tabs. These tabs will show a select number of keywords, and compare your business to the other businesses, and certain statistics about them. Those statistics are:



The Google My Business portion of your dashboard can show you valuable stats on how your business is doing. It's always at your finger tips, and if you have any questions, we are just an email or phone call away.

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