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What Does A Local SEO Company Do?

A local SEO company drives new, local customers to your business (or website) with the intent of boosting sales and/or brand exposure.

SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization" is a type of Internet marketing that optimizes your website (and other online assets) to rank you above your nationwide competitors when potential customers search Google for a product or service you offer.

Local SEO does the same thing, but with a hyper-focus on customers in a particular area. This is actually the type of marketing we do best!

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Is Local SEO The Best Marketing Strategy For You?

Local SEO helps local customers find your website. This important distinction makes it hands-down the best marketing strategy for anyone with (one or more) physical locations - retail stores, restaurants, medical practices, legal offices, etc. - and anyone that provides services to (one or more) areas, like a plumber, handyman, cleaning service, or landscaper. If you intend to market products or services to a nationwide audience, then you should probably stick to traditional SEO, as local SEO will be far less useful for you.

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How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

Local SEO costs depend largely on the size and industry of the business, but the average cost of local SEO for a small business in Los Angeles, California is $1,000 per month.

If that seems expensive, there are some additional factors to consider. Most importantly, local SEO is an investment in the future of your business. In time, and with proper management, your local marketing efforts become a source of profit rather than an expense. For example, if a local marketing agency charges $1,000 per month, but helps you to earn $1,001 or more, it's no longer an expense but an income generator. The amount of time it takes to hit this tipping point depends on your industry, profit margins, and market saturation, but the average return on investment (ROI) is about 6-8 months. After this time, many businesses will begin to see exponential growth in their marketing gains.

What Are The Best SEO Companies For Local SEO?

Not all local SEO companies are created the same. Success with local SEO is achieved through the effective manipulation of hundreds of interwoven page-ranking factors. Additionally, the SEO landscape is constantly changing. Google's page ranking algorithm constantly evolves, and - as local SEO experts - we need to figure out and adapt to these changes, and what they mean for our customers. This requires many hours of factor testing, as well as continuing our education through SEO industry masterclasses, webinars, and lectures in order to keep our marketing methods relevant. The best local SEO companies to hire are the ones at the forefront of modern SEO. You want to work with the companies that GIVE these professional masterclasses and webinars, and are performing their own in-house SEO testing. The worst are the "local SEO firms" that haven't learned anything new since 2019, and operate using outdated and ineffective methods. Another very good way to vet the best local SEO company for you is to ask for a referral from one of their current clients. If they won't share, it's likely that they haven't produced brag-worthy results for a client in quite some time.
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Why Choose Nimbus Marketing For Local SEO?

If you run a business that depends on local customers to make a livelihood, then we WILL be able to help you reach your local audience. There are hundreds of ways to do SEO, but we 100% specialize in local search marketing. Local SEO is our niche. We do it exceedingly well, and it's a great feeling to know we're helping local small business owners to become more successful.
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About Nimbus Marketing

Robert Portillo, founder of Nimbus Marketing, started his SEO company in 2007, and quickly began landing SEO clients like HBO, UCLA, Paramount Pictures, and Marvel Studios. He founded Nimbus Marketing in 2014 because helping local small businesses felt more rewarding.

Robert is also a popular guest speaker in the SEO industry, and frequently speaks at high-level SEO conferences (including SEO Spring Training & SEO Rock Stars), and is featured on the popular “Marketing Sherpa Blog”, as well as on “SEO This Week with Clint Butler”. He is also a member of multiple SEO testing groups around the world, which puts Nimbus Marketing on the front lines of powerful new local SEO methodologies.

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Local SEO Services FAQ

What Are Local SEO Services?

Local SEO services help a local business to increase their online visibility by improving their rankings in local search results of search engines like Google. These local SEO efforts help small businesses to reach their potential customers and make more sales. Some of the local SEO tools and techniques that the best local SEO agencies employ are:
  • Online Reviews: Positive reviews (on Google, Yelp, etc.) build a potential customer's trust and help legitimize your small business.
  • Google Business Profile: Your GBP (formerly GMB, or Google My Business) is crucial to local SEO performance. By focusing your digital marketing efforts on your Google Business Profile you're teaching Google what it is your small business does, making it easier for them to recommend your company to potential customers.
  • Local Listings: Listing your small business in local online directories that allow business listings both increases your online visibility, and reinforces your physical location so that Google better understands where your brick and mortar business, or local service area is. These listings are called local citations.
  • Extensive Keyword Research: Understanding how your customers search for your products, services, or brand is an important step to boosting organic traffic & climbing up the local rankings on search engine results pages. One of the most important local SEO services a local SEO company provides is keyword research. It's absolutely crucial for any local SEO strategy.
  • Google Maps: Local business listings on Google Maps appear before organic search results in local search rankings, and are arguably even more important than organic rankings for increasing website traffic. Having an optimized business page on Google Maps to show your business location (or business locations), phone number, address, hours of operation and keywords is crucial to any successful local SEO campaign.

What's The Difference Between A Digital Marketing Agency And A Local SEO Agency?

Digital Marketing Services

A digital marketing agency is an all in one solution for marketing services. They provide social media marketing (SMM), Technical SEO (On Page SEO & Off Page SEO), Pay Per Click Ads (PPC), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing & more. For small businesses with a large budget or a nationwide audience, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy like this can be highly-effective. Conversely, with a smaller budget the marketing campaigns get stretched too thin and are not as effective as a more focused local SEO strategy.

Local SEO Services

A local SEO agency focuses on local business SEO services exclusively to help local businesses hyper-focus on local search engine optimization that will be more effective over a smaller area. These more affordable local SEO services are frequently offered as cost effective local SEO packages that are tailored to your local business and help bring new customers from local searches. In other words, local SEO pricing will be less expensive and more effective for most local small businesses.

How Do I Choose A Local SEO Services Company To Help My Business Online?

How To Find The Best Local SEO Services Company

Find A LOCAL local SEO Company
When it comes to choosing a local SEO service provider, it's best to find a local SEO company based in your area so they are more familiar with your target demographic.
Online Reviews For Local SEO Companies / Local SEO Services
Be sure to request references and check online for positive reviews about their local SEO services - particularly on their Google My Business page. If a local search for their company shows negative online reviews, or a lack of online reviews for their local SEO services, this is a red flag.
Request References From Customers Currently Using The Current Local SEO Services
If they are unable, or unwilling to provide a local business (or local businesses) as a reference or testimonial, this is also a red flag.
Check Local Search Engine Optimization For Their Local Business
If it is a local SEO business, make sure they are ranking well in search engine result pages for local SEO agency related search terms like "SEO for small businesses", "SEO Company Near Me", "Best Local SEO Company", "Local SEO Pricing", "Digital Marketing Agency Near Me", "Local SEO Services", "Local SEO Packages", "Local Search Engine Optimization", "Local SEO Services", "Affordable Local SEO Services", "Local Business SEO Services", or "Top Search Engine Optimization Companies". If they - as a local SEO company - are unable to rank themselves in a local search for a local SEO company, than they will likely be unable to increase local rankings in search engines for you, either.
Request A Free Local SEO Audit
If you're not familiar with local SEO audits, they are a report provided by a local SEO marketing company that is generated to show the areas where your SEO can be improved. Before choosing a local SEO marketing company, ask multiple local business SEO agencies for a local SEO audit of your website. The best local SEO services will generally take time and effort to provide a custom local SEO campaigns to review with you and show you areas of opportunity you may be missing. The top local SEO companies will take the time to review the SEO audit with you and explain anything you might not understand. If their SEO audit seems canned, or the SEO services representative seems underprepared, it's likely not a company you should hire for your local SEO services.
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