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You may think that SEO is just SEO, but if you’re running a local business, you need to be found by local customers and clients. Local Search has its own algorithm on Google, and that’s what makes local SEO services so important. Local SEO allows you to avoid competing against the national and international companies while getting the right customers, the ones who are near you. Local SEO is the optimization solution that yields the best benefits for local based businesses.

Benefits of Local SEO Services for Your Business

Improve Local Online Visibility for Your Business

Local SEO makes your business visible in local directories and local searches that show up to people searching for your type of business in your area. If you have a restaurant, retail store, medical store, grocery store, salon, or even a service business like plumbing or roofing, you’ll get a substantial amount of exposure through Local SEO.

When customers search terms related to your business, they’ll see your company if you’ve implemented an effective local SEO strategy, or hired experienced local SEO services. Google lists the top three local businesses based on many factors, but relevance is a big one. With proper local SEO, you’ll appear where local customers click the most.

Google Business Listings will Work for Your Business

At the heart of Local SEO is the Google Business listing. Once you’ve got a listing on Google My Business (GMB), you can continue improving your presence, for free if you’d like. While you can easily get your business listed on Google, the way to get true value out of your GMB listing is through local optimization. With a strong Local SEO strategy, you’ll put your business in the place where most searches click or call.
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Leads, Conversion, and Retention

Local SEO, when performed properly, is a very powerful tool for driving leads, conversion, and retention. Leads are potential customers that may call you, send emails, or submit forms online. Conversions occur when leads result in, or convert to, sales. Retention refers to the continuous relationship with customers, driving repeat sales. A good retention strategy also results in reviews and ratings which can help drive new customers. In other words, Local SEO can natively help with Conversion Rate Optimization.

Capturing "near me" Queries

People are searching with the phrase “near me” drastically more in recent years, partly due to the prevalence of local businesses marketing online. Local SEO captures “near me” queries as effectively as possible. When people make these searches, a proper local SEO implementation boosts your relevance and pushes it to the top of search results. If your business caters to local and online customers, you’ll need to capture these searches to compete in your industry.

Get More Sales with Local SEO

Conversions driven by Local SEO Services will boost your sales. Localized SEO gets your business in front of relevant local searches whether you’re running a restaurant, travel agency, or retail store. Customers will see your business listing on the front page of Google and contact or visit you. These leads convert into purchases, which results in profit. Local SEO makes the conversion process more straightforward, which increases the amount of customers who convert.

Develop Local Business Reputation

A great local SEO implementation helps your business build its reputation and brand recognition through improved reach. Of course, it’s still your responsibility to provide high quality products and services, but you can use positive reviews and ratings from your customers to build a positive reputation and rankings. A proper local SEO implementation both develops and sustains your business’ reputation. You must build your reputation if you want to grow and scale your business.

Drive Quick Conversion

Compared to organic search, local searches have a more urgent intent, which means faster conversions and better sales. Most users searching for a business “near me” are looking for someone to call or visit right away, which is why Local SEO conversions are so accelerated.

Optimizing Business Listing

What’s in your business listing? The basics are the address, phone number, email, and website, but there is so much more that can go into a Google My Business listing. Local SEO not only drives local leads to your business, it also encourages customer engagement, which creates long-term customers. There’s more to it than just driving traffic to your page, you also need to provide value to your visitors. The best way to do this is with relevant, conversational information. For example, if you’re running a pet salon, you should include a blog about grooming, products, tips, and guides. These will keep potential customers engaged with your message and brand. From there, it’s only a matter of time before customers start calling or visiting your store.

Local SEO is for All Kinds of Businesses

Local SEO’s benefits aren’t limited to specific business types. Any business that operates on a local level can improve their business with Local SEO services, no matter the products or services they’re selling. The more local presence you have, the easier it is for customers to find you with local search.
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How To Pick a Good and Reputable SEO Company for Local SEO for Your Business

There are hundreds of SEO Companies providing local SEO services. Local SEO works best when performed by professionals with experience and cutting-edge information. Picking the right SEO service is a critically important task, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Our blog is full of tips on how to choose an SEO company, as well as how to do it yourself. We’re so confident in our abilities as the best SEO company Los in Angeles that we’ve got a list of tips right below.

Determine SEO Objectives

First, clearly determine the objectives you want to achieve with your SEO strategy. This includes areas of your current online exposure that need improvement. At Nimbus, we design a strategy from the ground up based on your specific circumstances. If you’re doing it yourself, you’ll need to do this as well, as this is a fundamental foundation of any successful optimization strategy.

A reputable SEO company collects this information to perform digital marketing analysis. They won’t take further steps or make a proposal without assessing the current conditions, your objectives, challenges, and other factors. Before making suggestions, the company should present its findings to you and tell you what areas of your business online exposure require improvement.

This step is very important to get cost-effective SEO services for your business. There’s no magic pill when it comes to SEO. That’s because each business is unique and has its own requirements or preferences. A good SEO company would help you with these objectives in an accountable manner.

The Ability of Tracking Data

SEO is a data-driven strategy that helps you with marketing and branding online. An SEO company should have the ability to gather data from your current business. You should only hire a company that’s able to perform an assessment that involves tracking and measuring your data. Without these sets of data, an SEO strategy is impossible to make. The SEO service should be able to collect and present you with current business site traffic, leads, communication, clicks, inquiries, and many more.

The company you hire should have the skills, tools, and experience to conduct an assessment. The data collected from this process is something you can discuss further with the provider to build an executable SEO strategy. Optimization requires a sustained effort where decisions should be made based on the data throughout the process. Without this process, it’s impossible to develop relevant SEO solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

You need to ensure that the SEO company has this ability before hiring the company. Contact the company for an initial consultation and find a reference for their ability through customer reviews or feedback.

Off-Page Local SEO Work

Choosing an SEO company Los Angeles is a big decision so make sure to do your own “off-page” work. These refer to any elements outside the company’s sites that support their reputation and confirm their reliability. It’s like when you purchase goods or services, you need to check reviews of the SEO company before you actually hire them. You can research reviews about the company through different platforms.

Look for specific aspects of each review to better evaluate the company in question. These include service coverage, availability, methods, delivery, communication, results etc. These factors provide you with a more comprehensive consideration before you contact the SEO company for an initial consultation. This way, you can confirm many things about their services and how they can help you with SEO solutions for your business.

At this point, you can shorten the list to just a few possible companies. If you find no reviews about a company anywhere or figure out something suspicious, just exclude it from your list. Also, avoid companies that offer unreasonably cheap prices for their services as they’re simply scams.

Request Case Studies and Portfolios

There are two fundamental elements of an SEO company you can check for a better overview before calling them. First, you can request case studies through their site, by email, or by phone. Second, you can check their portfolio or request one if you can’t find any of them on your own. These would give you a better overview of the actual ability of the SEO company.

However, a reputable SEO company will allow you to gather references for their services. They may inform you of previous or current clients or simply connect you with them so you can gather information about the experience, results, and other things you want to know.

Always Take An Initial Consultation

Before hiring an SEO company, be sure to take an initial consultation with them. This can help you recognize their strategies, methods, and a glimpse of how they’ll help you with their SEO solutions. You can also go over their case studies in this consultation but be sure to review ones relevant to your business needs. The initial consultation may also inform you of other non-technical aspects including credibility, integrity, communication, creativity, passion, etc.

However, these are all things the company should go over in-depth with you. A reputable SEO company in Los Angeles won’t confuse you with super technical terms. Instead, they’ll accommodate your requirements and answer your inquiries. List your questions in advance and make sure it covers everything you need to know about the SEO solution for your business. Resolve any of your doubts and make everything clear up front. It’s very important to find a company that can assist you in reaching your business’ goals.

Allocate Your Budget

SEO can be expensive, depending on how many services you select, so it’s important to figure out what your company really needs to get the best bang for your buck. Set your budget based on the services that will bring the most benefit to your company. While SEO companies offer packages you can choose from, it’s highly advisable to request a quoted price during the consultation. SEO companies may charge you differently than they would with a package. Even though it’s tempting to choose an affordable package, ensure that it covers what you actually need. SEO has become a competitive business and you get what you pay for.

The Verdict on Local SEO

Local SEO drives valuable leads for local businesses as well as increases your conversion rate with proper implementation. If your business is developing a local presence, it’s time to invest in local SEO. The key is to find a reputable local SEO professional for your SEO strategy. Nimbus Marketing is here to help you with all of your local SEO needs.

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