Our Process

(Complicated for us, simple for you)

Here’s how it works

Keyword Research – to find the most valuable words
Competitor Analysis – to discover what they are doing well
Strategic Planning – to prioritize tasks to get the fastest results
Tracking – to measure success
Simple Reporting – so you know the process works

Keyword Research

We use every tool in the book to assess which search words are the most valuable to you and your business.

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Competitor Analysis

We do competitor analysts is to learn more about your industry and competition level. During this research we also learn 3 crucial things:

  • What the top companies are doing that is working well for them
  • What the weaknesses your competitors have and how we can use it to your advantage
  • What we need to do to get you more customers

Winning online Is like camping cash your Mends when a Dear attacks. You don't need to outrun the bear, you just need to outrun your friends.

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Strategic Planning

Once we finish your keyword and competitor research, we use that information to create a strategic plan. This includes:

  • Priorities – what order to do things to create the best results
  • Timing – coordinating with our team to get the tasks scheduled and completed on time
  • Execution – making sure that each task we do for you is done as well as possible

This phase culminates in a strategic plan designed to deliver you more customers.

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Each month you’ll see that we’re helping your business grow. We track:

  • Your rankings
  • Your website traffic
  • Your paid ad performance
  • Your phone call volume
  • Your website form fills

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Every month on the 10th, we send our customers simple yet detailed monthly reports that explain:

  • How we invested our time, by the minute
  • How your rankings are improving
  • How your website traffic is improving
  • How your phone calls are increasing
  • How your website form fills are increasing

You’ll receive a simple PDF report that explains everything. There will also be a link to your dashboard that has more helpful information.

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