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About Nimbus Marketing


We hope you like our website. We decided to do something unique and fun. These days, people are overwhelmed with advertisements and information. So the most important job of online marketing and advertising is being noticed and remembered. Heck, if you can entertain people in the process, even better.

We tried to be informative, helpful, different, and memorable. And we’d like to do the same for your company, and so much more.

Our local SEO business was founded in 2011

We’re real people

Who produce real results

We’d like you to know that even though there’s a lot of cartoons on our website, we’re real people. Real people with lives, families, friends and dreams. All of our people have kind hearts and truly want and need to help our customers. We don’t feel right taking money from clients if we can help them. You can be sure that if you partner with us, we are sure we can deliver results.

Local business SEO from the team at Nimbus

We’re Doing Something Right

We still have our very first customer!

Harold joined us in 2011. Since then, he has quadrupled his budget. He hired us and within months he went from getting no new customers and few phone calls each month, to getting new customers and many phone calls every day. In the 8 years we have worked with him, his struggling Aquarium business has become the most dominant business of its type in West Los Angeles. He continues his monthly investment with us because he knows that it gets him much more business in return.

Its important to note that Harold’s success was a Team Effort. Harold is amazing at what he does. When we asked him to start getting reviews, that is exactly what he did. In the past 7 years, Harold has amassed well over 100 reviews and maintains a 5-star average on both Yelp and Google. He is quite the hustler. Way to go Harold!

Harold Weiner Still uses Nimbus for his local SEO in 2019

We’re Located in Los Angeles

And we help businesses worldwide

Most of our team members work remotely, but all of them are based in the United States. We never outsource the important work of our customer’s online marketing to oversees companies to save money.

We believe in hiring only American workers. If you’d ever like to meet us at our office, an amazing space near the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd., you’re welcome to reach out and set up an appointment any time.

Hyper local SEO performed at the Nimbus Marketing headquarters

Our office at 925 N. La Brea Ave Fl 4, Los Angeles, CA 90038

We’re LGBT Friendly

In fact, we like everybody

Digital strategy for every business, including the LGBT-owned companies

Whether you are straight, gay, bisexual or trans, we are happy to work with you as long as you are kind and we are sure we can help your business thrive.

We believe people should be free to be their authentic selves. When they are, the world is not just a kinder place, but a more interesting one as well.

Digital strategy for every business, including the LGBT-owned companies

We want You!

To be our kind, fair, and globally-conscious customer

We’re a company built by forward-thinking people who believe that success is about more than just money. We want to work with business owners and companies who respect their service providers and appreciate a win/win arrangement. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place. If you’re only concerned about your company’s profitability, that’s ok too. Helping our customers make more money is what we do best.

We pay our male and female employees the same rate for the same job. We support Change.org and the ethical treatment of all animals. We give back to our community and offer discounts to non-profit organizations. But most of all, we love helping business thrive online. We do that by increasing rankings, website leads, and phone calls. And we would like the opportunity to do that for YOU!

Our in-house digital marketing engineer wants to help YOU

Our Tools and Partners

Google optimization performed at our WeWork office
Gsuite and local seo in 2019 go hand in hand
Teamwork makes the local SEO dream work
Cora was made by a brilliant digital marketing engineer
Get a square digital strategy from Nimbus
GoTo Meeting is like a digital marketing engineer for online meetings
POP is great for Google optimization
Spyfu allows us to research any local SEO business
Hyper local SEO is greatly helped with proper intake from Cognito Forms
SFC helps us learn how to do local seo effectively