Meet the Team

All of our team members live and work in the United States.

Nimbus team members have been trained in the latest online marketing techniques and are all kind and helpful. They all live by the notion that the best ability of all is reliability. If you email, they reply. If you call, they answer. If they say they will do something, they always do it and they always do it exceptionally well.

Robert loves creative marketing campaign ideas

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Professional Info

Robert has over 13 years experience in online marketing. He has a deep love for CRO and SEO and the power it has to transform a business. He has started and grown 3 successful IT companies including a repair store and two mobile service companies. Robert is a big fan of the team at MECLABS and the team at SEO Fight Club for their cutting edge testing methods. He used the informed he learns there to implement in Nimbus’ client campaigns. When he’s not implementing his marketing knowledge for customers, he spends his time expanding it.

Personal Info

Get to know Robert

  • Married for 10 years
  • Father of two boys, aged 4 & 7
  • Dog lover – his dog Jetta is our mascot
  • Wrote a book on electronics in the 7th grade
  • Eats 10 – 12 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
  • Loves music and comedy
  • Avid skateboarder & photographer
Barrett likes innovative marketing concepts

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Professional Info

As an SEO specialist, Barrett is responsible for researching SEO strategies that stay current with search engine algorithm changes. He performs tireless research into keywords, backlinks, content, and the structure of client websites to ensure that the Nimbus strategy is providing maximum performance. Barrett excels at figuring out tough problems that sometimes stump the rest of the team. He is particularly astute with respect to overall strategy and being able to see the largest possible “picture”. This makes him an extremely valuable asset for Nimbus.

Personal Info

Get to know Barrett

  • Avid Bicyclist
  • Loves coffee shops and trains
  • Certified in LEEDS, AP, & ND+C
  • Graduated from Western Washington University
  • Highly logical

Matthew Dwyer
Sales Director

Professional Info

Matthew started his business career as an electrical contractor, expanding it to be a general contractor and eventually a real estate investor. He likes to use his creative mind for his business life, solving problems and thinking outside of the box. As a solo entrepreneur he started his own digital marketing business 10 years ago. Creating websites and videos and learning how to rank them on YouTube and Google was educational yet demanding on his time. Spirituality is very important in his life, which also includes a spiritual business approach.

Personal Info
  • Third generation native San Franciscan
  • Was a tool wearing electrician for 25 years
  • Recovered method actor
  • President of a San Francisco theater company
  • Stand up comedy addict
  • Loves good writing & directing
  • Open minded spiritualist
Joshua is infatuated with creative marketing ideas

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Professional Info

Joshua has a decade of experience in SEO, specializing in small service based businesses. He’s worked with big box style firms and as an independent consultant. He chose Nimbus Marketing because they’re big enough to have the resources necessary to deliver results for their clients, without being too big to give individual attention for their clients. As the operations manager, he is directly involved with the strategic planning and ensuring the tasks get done in a timely and professional manner. Nimbus is the first company he is proud to work for. 

Personal Info

Get to Know Joshua

  • Married for 9 years
  • Father of two girls and a boy, aged 5, 6, and 10
  • Cat lover – his cat Pancake has been in the family for 10 years
  • Avid reader – his first book was The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Loves Airsoft – he runs free airsoft games in his spare time
Heather is obsessed with creative marketing ideas for small business

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Professional Info

Heather specializes in citation building and consistency. She has an amazing eye for detail, which is crucial for proper citations. She boasts a very high IQ which makes her ideal for tackling tough problems related to the difficulties of business directory listings. Heather is also learning the necessary SEO techniques necessary for her to move into a campaign manager position. She appreciates that Nimbus trains each of its team members from the ground up and is quickly learning the necessary elements of SEO, website development, and campaign work.

Personal Info
  • Married
  • Mother of two girls and a boy aged 5, 6 & 10
  • Loves sailing
  • Chargers and Angels fan
  • Enjoys hiking
  • Collects fairy figurines
  • Enjoys working with numbers
Jetta is a dog, she doesn't have any creative marketing ideas

The Wonder Dog

Professional Info

Jetta’s been warming hearts for 10 years. Jetta reminds us all how important it is to always be kind, especially when dealing with people who aren’t. Robert used to bring her to work every day when his storefront was on Abbot Kinney. In the 4.5 years spent on the world-famous Venice Beach Boulevard, she built up a huge following. Sometimes more than 10 of the local residents would come to visit her each day. This prompted the team to create her Facebook page.

Personal Info

Get to know Jetta

  • Part Greyhound, Labrador, and Pit Bull
  • She is wicked fast
  • Adopted at the age of 10 months
  • Loves humans almost as much as dogs
  • Doesn’t need a leash the leash is for people
  • Described as “the best dog ever” too many times to count
Jaycee loves fresh marketing ideas
Professional Info

Jaycee is our top business citations expert, and has pioneered many citation building and correcting techniques as part of our client work. She also handles content outreach and client assets management. Jaycee’s valuable online research skills have helped the Nimbus team understand and implement the latest in digital marketing insights for our clients. As the team member in charge of our intake process, Jaycee is often the Nimbus first point of contact. Her kind demeanor and excellent communication skills makes her the perfect company ambassador.

Personal Info

Get to know Jaycee

  • Played in the USC Trojan Marching Band in college
  • Loves pizza & Chocolate
  • Runs 15+ miles a week
  • Is an avid PC Gamer with a library of thousands of games
  • Enjoys sci fi and comedy movies
  • Loves to cook and bake
  • Enjoys creating computer-generated fractal art
Matt often comes up with out of the box marketing ideas

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Professional Info

Matt has over 11 years of experience in the tech world in various positions. He has an eagle eye for copy editing and is a stickler for structure and procedures. His responsibilities include making sure that all of the content we produce is absolutely perfect. More importantly, he ensures that we create exceptional articles that will make surely improve our client’s online visibility. He is our content manager but helps out wherever necessary and is excellent at everything.

Personal Info
  • Avid drummer since the age of 8
  • Tours around the country with multiple bands
  • Loves music
  • Outdoor enthusiast who loves camping
  • Thinks the universe is made of thoughts
  • Has a collection of exotic marbles
  • Eats 7 times a day

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