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SEO Company Los Angeles

SEO Company Los Angeles

We have been in the era of digital marketing for quite a while now. The SEO companies and other businesses that will survive are those that will best adapt to the digital communication methods of the 21st century. In this age of technology, entrepreneurs stand out for their mastery of digital tools that are at the heart of their business strategy.

If you don’t feel comfortable in this field or don’t have enough time to devote to this aspect of your business, don’t worry: we are here to help! We’re here to take care of it for you, and we’ll do it the best way we can. Among other things, our experts help you to:

  • Improve the visibility of your offer
  • Build your brand image
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Grow your rankings and popularity

Benefit from the support of our Marketing experts who have been practicing SEO for over 13 years. We’ve adapted our strategies to the changing moods of search engines, so you’re in safe hands.

What is the mission of our LA SEO company? To improve the digital media coverage of your company and generate online leads that will generate more revenue.

Los Angeles SEO Company for Your Business


Internet users are tired of intrusive and annoying advertising messages. As a result, SEO companies and other businesses must adapt to new methods of online communication. They must capture the right message at the right time.

Indeed, the time of being present online for the sole purpose of innovating is now over. The creation of a website is now part of the logic of profitability. It’s also included in the global digital communication strategy of the company.

Whatever objectives you want to achieve, there are no ready-made solutions. Our agency assists you in:

  • Capturing the attention of your prospects
  • Converting them into qualified leads
  • Turning them into loyal customers

Nimbus Marketing specializes in the creation of high-performance SEO strategies. We take into account the latest criteria of search engine algorithms. Premium SEO services are provided by senior consultants at our company.

Develop your web visibility in California with the best SEO firm. Our SEO consultants are experts in 360° and in optimizing for multiple devices including:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

We are committed to providing you with optimal support to develop:

  • Your online reputation
  • A qualified web traffic
  • Booming sales through our various SEO services

Your customers are looking for your business. Will they find your website?

Our firm optimizes your websites with a global approach in mind. This ensures we are aligned with your business objectives. It also ensures that you avoid spending more money each year on poorly targeted or ill-prepared web actions.

The algorithms of the search engines as well as the habits of Internet users are constantly evolving. SEO can no longer be reduced to the mere implementation of a few techniques. A certain number of past practices are gradually being penalized in favor of high-quality SEO solutions, such as the ones we offer.

Improving visibility to generate valuable traffic requires time, tools, and skills that you may not have in-house. We offer SEO services Los Angeles for companies of all sizes and industries. We see our relationships with our clients as long-term partnerships where our main goal is to help them to boost their search engine performance.

Nimbus is more than a SEO agency Los Angeles: It’s an extension of your team

80% of Internet users have a look around the internet before purchasing a good or service.

SEO companies offer the best path to get a website showing up on the first page of Google for a specific search term. A visible site is more likely to generate higher amounts of traffic. Nimbus Marketing knows this. We respond to the demands of search engines and new browsing habits to create targeted digital marketing strategies. These strategies optimize the online exposure of your site and the quality of its visitors.

Nimbus is founded and managed by passionate people. Our SEO marketing team maintains a family atmosphere with its partners and customers. We are checking up on our customers on a regular basis. As the best SEO Los Angeles, we express our creativity through your image and the impact we must create. Whatever your sector or your size, we will be delighted to go a long way with you in growing your business online.

Boost your online traffic through SEO for Your Businesss Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to the success and efficiency of your website. It is an in-depth process that ensures long-term high ranking positioning in the search engines. SEO allows you to attract qualified traffic to your landing pages. This traffic can be converted into leads and then into satisfied customers. Local SEO Los Angeles allows you to capture the attention of those who are potentially really interested in your product or service offering.

Unlike other SEO companies, Nimbus aims to attract new prospects rather than soliciting them through promotional messages or advertising. This strategy encourages customers to get closer to your company themselves. It is an approach centered on the customer and their needs.

Here’s the ROI that you will get from SEO

When you undertake the creation or redesign of your website, the expenses are many and sometimes more important than expected. Some projects may not be sufficiently planned and the budget devoted to its realization may prove to be insufficient. It is important to make the right choices and set priorities.

Our SEO service remains the most cost-effective way to attract new visitors to your website in a sustainable way. This aspect should not be considered as an extra investment. Instead, it should be integrated from the beginning of your business model. Naturally, the cost of success will greatly depend on the context of your market:

  • Competitors
  • Users
  • Seasonality
  • Miscellaneous

To justify this budget, you can anticipate, measure, and track your SEO ROI.

Why should you invest in SEO Los Angeles CA?

Visitors coming from SEO campaigns are very profitable for companies that perform well on search engines. A well-targeted query represents an excellent opportunity for your commercial prospecting and development.

To succeed, the implementation of an effective SEO strategy to generate quality leads is crucial. Your website could bring you something to keep your sales team busy and fill your shopping carts!

Boost your website’s traffic

The search engines will index your site according to the requests of the Internet user and make it go up in the search results. These visitors are perfectly qualified for this because they are actually looking for your products or services.

Improve your brand’s awareness

A higher position on the search engines will make more people take notice of your company and it will, in turn, bring more brand awareness. Hiring our firm will therefore improve commercial performance in the long run. 

Increase your company’s revenue

SEO is the most profitable web acquisition channel of all web-marketing levers. The quality of traffic automatically increases incoming requests. Nimbus Marketing guarantees a higher return on investment than other SEO companies Los Angeles.

Sustaining your business’ activity

SEO is a process that takes time, but is very worth it. Google’s 1st page on specific keywords brings qualified visitors to your website for a long period of time. Our SEO expert Los Angeles is always making sure that our clients adopt the most effective and proven strategy.

people with disabilities website accessibility

SEO: a source of visibility with measurable results

A website without a visitor is like a wink in the dark: you do it for yourself but don’t expect to see any results. Owning a website is only useful if it attracts visitors and generates conversions.

A conversion can take different forms. Some of the most popular are:

  • Download a free guide
  • Request for contact via form
  • Sign up for a trial version
  • Validation of an online order
  • Purchase of a service

Different analysis tools such as Google Analytics and the correct configuration of Google Tag Manager will allow you to have access to:

  • Your volume of visitors
  • Their behavior
  • the conversion rate

This configuration must be correctly carried out to allow you to draw the relevant lessons.

Get in touch with our SEO consultant to correctly install these tools and give you access to a simplified and dynamic view of your results.

SEO: a source of traffic with measurable value

Not all searches made by Internet users have the same value. This is generally measured with the CPC (Cost Per Click). The CPC is the price that an advertiser should pay when a user clicks on his site’s ad after having made a search on Google.

The higher the CPC, the more commercial value the keyword or expression has. CPCs are easy to get with our SEO expert.

Complete follow-up of your SEO project

Our SEO company in Los Angeles carries out optimizations on your website by intervening in several aspects with:

  • Technical improvement of your website
  • Semantic optimization of your content
  • Search and acquisition of quality external links

Our consultants work with you throughout the conquest of the Google positions that matter to you. Together, we sustainably increase incoming requests by creating for your company a steady stream of advertising-free visitors.

How do we know what needs to be improved on your site?

Do you want to set up a marketing strategy? Do you already have a website? There is no point in rushing into the creation of all kinds of actions and praying that one of them will bring results.

Just as a doctor will not prescribe medication without a diagnosis, it is essential to determine the reasons why your traffic remains at a standstill to find an effective and adapted action plan.

Just like doctors, we start each project with a thorough analysis of:

  • Your business
  • Your website
  • Your competitors
  • Your industry

This allows us to understand what is preventing your site from reaching its visibility and traffic objectives.

We identify your exposure potential

By understanding your audience, our local firm identifies the most common user paths. We focus on optimizations with concrete data. This way, you no longer have to rely on intuition. As a business owner, every dollar you spend must be spent wisely. 

Whether you are self-employed or responsible for a company’s site, you want to make good decisions. For that, you need numerical indicators because as they say, you can only improve what you can measure. But above all, you need to analyze them and draw the right conclusions. In this respect, web-analysis must become your best ally for success.

By making the quantitative or qualitative data collected on your site talk, our agency assists you to continuously improve the performance of your marketing actions.

And help you get that online visibility

Web analytics or audience measurement belongs to the large family of online marketing. It involves the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data of your website and the competition. This is to offer a continuous improvement of the experience to Internet users.

As the best SEO company, we use data on a daily basis in each of the strategies we carry out. The simple reason is that it is our only way to prove to you the return on investment of our actions.

Why is audience tracking essential?

Audience tracking is an essential component of our SEO services Los Angeles CA. It’s essential for these reasons:

  • Know how you position yourself on the search engines compared to the competition
  • Understand where visitor leakage is on your site
  • Make sure you are reaching the right audience
  • Identify simple micro-improvements or quick-win features that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively
  • Check whether the actions taken are successful. This enables us to identify what works to amplify or repeat it and what does not work to correct it
  • Detect the first signs of danger (drop in traffic, decrease in conversions, etc.)

For example, when we launch an emailing campaign, the analysis will allow us not only to study the relationship between the amounts invested to deploy it and the number of prospects or orders. It will also allow us to determine how we could improve the next ones.

These are all excellent reasons why our clients ask us to analyze their traffic. Without a good mastery of web analytics, data collection, and interpretation, your results could be distorted. This can lead to bad decisions.

How do we understand your traffic?

We need tools. Google Analytics is the most popular but it has some limitations. We complement this tool with many other tools to ensure a full picture of your campaign.

And to make sure we master the tool, our analytics SEO experts are constantly training. They get certifications and constantly work to improve their SEO skills.

Nimbus offers a solution adapted to your specific needs

Nimbus Marketing has developed methodologies and analysis models to enable you to produce content that focuses on the user experience. Our company will help you to satisfy your customers as well as search engines.

  • SEO & Search Engine Optimization Audit
  • User experience (UX)
  • Development of sites and blogs
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content strategy – brand content, personal branding
  • Continuous improvement: growth-driven design
  • Performance analysis (data & KPI’s)

We combine analysis, advice, and expertise to respond to all the digital issues of your company while respecting human values.

We analyze your business

Our SEO company CA promotes value creation and the deployment of new business models adapted to each department of your company.

All interventions are systematically preceded by a detailed analysis of your field of activity, your business model, and the resulting technological needs.

We implement solutions

Whether for operational or commercial strategy, our mastery of digital technologies allows us to put effective solutions in place. These will improve the performance of your company.

Each of our Los Angeles SEO services is first designed, produced, and then rolled out by all members of our team. This is done to achieve quantifiable improvements fast.

We speed up your growth

Our goal is to help your company to enjoy our extensive experience in digital marketing and operational IT by helping you to deliver smart and reliable systems.

All our efforts must stimulate the growth of your business. Each solution proposed by our firm must address this primary issue.

Our Los Angeles SEO services

A strong strategy from SEO Los Angeles CA is the only way to make your site visible on search engines. This can only be achieved if all the optimizations take into account all of Google’s policies.

Having a good-looking website is not enough. Without the honest opinion and the help of a qualified Los Angeles SEO expert, there is a strong chance that it will remain totally invisible to Internet users.

By selecting the right keywords and by integrating them strategically into your content, you will be able to attract qualified traffic. It will include a wide spectrum of relevant prospects, truly interested in your products or services. They are likely to turn into customers.

The traffic generated by SEO is sustainable over the long run. SEO continues to attract traffic and generate profits, even when you stop optimizing it regularly. This is not the case with a traditional or digital advertising campaign, whose effects stop as soon as you stop investing. So pay special attention to your rankings and the advice of your SEO expert Los Angeles!

local seo blogs los angeles seo

Audit and coaching

Our Los Angeles SEO consultant helps you with the realization of your audit. Our aim is to determine a relevant action plan according to many factors specific to your activity and your website.

The SEO audit includes:

  • Semantic analysis
  • Analysis of competing strategies
  • Analysis of the site’s performance in terms of natural referencing
  • Analysis of the architecture and contents of the site
  • Technical performance analysis
  • Analysis of the quality and extent of links

Technical site optimization

Our first action is to optimize the technical aspects of your site. If you don’t have a website yet, our agency will naturally take care of its design according to SEO criteria.

In all cases, the aim is to improve the positioning of your site in Google’s results by meeting its expectations. When ranking the results of a query, the search engine will analyze the structure of the sites to offer its users quality pages.

After a complete SEO technical audit, various actions will allow us to ensure the indexing of your website:

  • Optimization of loading time
  • Refinement of URLs
  • Added tags and meta-descriptions
  • Optimization of the semantic structure
  • Logo analysis
  • Others

Writing and optimization of content

The quality of the content offered to your visitors is a key element of your SEO strategy.

Our Los Angeles SEO agency offers you their expertise in writing and optimizing content. We help you maximize the visibility of your pages and their relevance to search engines. Once this strategy is defined, our specialized writers will feed your various digital media with SEO optimized quality content.

Our goal is to position you on the most relevant requests according to your business and your objectives.

Writing articles can help you to attract many prospects. These prospects will come back to your site, thus increasing its traffic. You can convert them into customers in the long run. These articles must be:

  • Readable
  • Regularly updated
  • Structured
  • Unique

Backlinking campaigns

Backlinking is the third and last pillar of SEO services Los Angeles. It allows Google and other search engines to measure the popularity of a website. The more a site is recognized by its peers on the web, the more the search engines will think it is relevant.

Our team handles the implementation of your backlinking campaigns and the analysis of incoming and internal links that redirect users to your site. We create the strategy best suited to your SEO issues to allow you to develop the authority of your site with Google’s algorithm.

Follow-up and further monitoring

Data is essential to make the best possible decisions for your campaign. For this reason, we make it a point of honor to carefully follow the defined metrics and to continuously optimize your Los Angeles SEO service.

We regularly review your results and discuss growth opportunities for your business. We make it easy for you by producing meaningful data that is easy to understand.

Adjustment of the strategy if necessary

The more data we collect, the more we will be able to highlight tactics that work the least.

Our SEO company CA regularly reviews all the data. We determine if strategies need to be adjusted and what new opportunities need to be seized.

Our local SEO services Los Angeles

The goal of local SEO services Los Angeles is to reach local customers when they are looking for information about a service or product.

25% of all searches on Google are local. 88% of localized searches made from a smartphone result in an action (phone call, physical visit) within 24 hours.

This is why it’s important to position your business in response to a localized query, usually including a city name. For example: “SEO company Los Angeles CA”.

We set up a sustainable online strategy

Referring to a site requires patience, time, and good organization. Just like a sports nutritionist looking to boost an athlete, we are looking to optimize the performance of a site. And just like that nutritionist, we don’t rush into anything.

To reach your visibility objectives, we apply an orderly 4-step method:

  • Diagnosis
  • Recommendations
  • Actions
  • Measures

We combine your strategic challenges, your market, and your sales cycles with our knowledge of online marketing. This ensures the development of an effective digital strategy.


First and foremost, we need to understand your business, your challenges, and your market. We identify the key opportunities and define the priorities we need to focus on to achieve your growth objectives.


Once we know where to go, our Los Angeles SEO expert defines how to get there. The strategy and roadmap are customized for your company to help you achieve your business goals such as:

  • Generating more traffic
  • Converting more leads
  • Closing more sales
  • Retaining your customers
  • Others


Once the plan is defined, it is time to take action by transforming the different strategies defined into real campaigns. Each campaign can contain various tactics including:

  • Continuous site improvements
  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Social networks
  • Others
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Online success requires a test and learn approach. That’s why we meet regularly to study how users interact with the site’s campaigns and features. We also monitor market trends, and make changes to maintain optimal performance.

Why should you trust Nimbus Marketing?

The mission of our SEO company in Los Angeles is not simply to bring mass traffic but to actually bring you quality traffic that can turn into repeat customers.

Whatever the size of your business, we see our relationship with you as a long term partnership. Our main objective is to enable you to boost your performance.

To do this, we focus on a quality approach and proximity with our customers. We always take the time and make sure that our actions are well understood.

A Los Angeles SEO firm that not only generates clicks but also customers

With effective SEO, your site is positioned on the first page of search engines. It’s in line with your target and your activity. The number of visitors who browse the pages of your website increases. If your site offers a logical and fast navigation, potential customers will follow.

From now on, your SEO performance will be more and more linked to the user experience that your site offers to its visitors. SEO and UX Design form the SXO. The SXO is the return of design in web performance. It allows you to improve the ergonomics of your site, making the visitor’s visit more pleasant. As a result, you maximize your chances of turning your visitors into prospects and then into customers.

Our results: a long-term established SEO

Practicing SEO means taking part in the great conversation of the online world. It’s done by broadcasting useful and relevant content. 

The methodology consists of creating web content aimed at attracting qualified visitors to your website. The second step aims to convert these visitors into identifiable prospects. The third step consists of maintaining the link with these prospects. Thanks to that they become not only customers, but also the future ambassadors of your brand.

A flexible and scalable offer

Our no-obligation assignment offer gives you total control. We offer “turnkey” software implementations, not captive solutions. This means that we don’t do our work for you but with you. We provide you with the tools and best practices to become autonomous in the race for success.

Numerical tools facilitate the acquisition of statistical data. Track performance indicators to make decisions based on return on investment. More than a service provider, Nimbus is your digital partner.

A customized and non-binding engagement

Our approach is simply based on the human adventure that is born in each project. According to your needs, we build a unique strategy for your company. All acquisition assignments are without obligation. At Nimbus Marketing, we don’t keep customers by force!

Please contact our consultants with any questions that you may have.

Entrust us with your SEO strategy in Los Angeles

The experience of our consultants allows them to adapt to the specificities of your project so as to offer you adapted solutions.

Our consultants accompany you well beyond the simple operational management of your SEO strategy. For each customer need, we add a strategic overlay to your digital device to maximize your performance. Our approach provides you with a real edge over your competitors.

  • Our services are designed to speed up your digital growth
  • We ensure you a fast implementation and long-term support
  • We position ourselves on strong values of ethics, proximity, and mastery of good digital practices

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Robert Portillo, founder of Nimbus Marketing, and his family.

About the author:

Robert Portillo is the founder of Nimbus Marketing. Nothing satisfies him more than expressing his thoughts well. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. He can often be found at local farmer’s markets, hiking trails, and the beach.

Make it Clickable!

Make it Clickable!

There are things that we can all do to improve user experience and reduce friction on websites. Make phone numbers clickable on desktop and mobile devices. I still regularly come across websites that don’t have clickable phone numbers. Make it easy for customers to call such as an icon or button. If a phone number is not clickable, the customer has to copy and paste it into their dialer, or remember it, or write it down. And that’s just silly. It takes 10 seconds to make the phone number clickable.

Make Phone Numbers Clickable

With respect to clickable phone numbers, a lot of web developers seem to rely on the fact that most modern mobile devices will pick up on the fact that a user is trying to click on a phone number, and intelligently open the dialer, even though the phone number is not technically a hyperlink. But not all phones do this. And no desktop or laptop computers without a touchscreen do this. A lot of people use Skype, and other programs to make phone calls on their desktop.
I have my phone synced with my computer so that if I click on a phone number, it opens the dialer on my cell phone. But if a phone number is not clickable, meaning it’s not a hyperlink, this functionality is eliminated. It takes 10 seconds to make phone numbers clickable on all devices.

Make Addresses Clickable

Make addresses clickable on desktop and mobile devices. In my experience, an overwhelming majority of websites have addresses that are not clickable. What if a potential customer wants to click on the address and have it open up their maps application so that they can see where the business is in relation to where they are?

Or maybe they’re already ready to drive over and

patronize the business? If the address is not clickable, they’ll have to copy and paste it into their map’s application. This will cause unnecessary frustration and can kill a conversion. It’s extremely easy to make an address a clickable hyperlink. This is a no-brainer. It’s unfathomable to me why most websites don’t have clickable addresses.

Make Email Clickable

Make email addresses clickable on desktop and mobile devices. Same concept as above. And while I generally see most websites have clickable email addresses, occasionally I still run across one that doesn’t. And that’s lame. People are super impatient.

All it takes is a single point of friction to cause enough frustration for a potential customer to click that back button and go somewhere else. Making important elements such as phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses clickable is one of the easiest ways to reduce unnecessary friction.

Personal Experience

I went to the MGM Grand Las Vegas website, went to click on the phone number to call them, and their phone number was not clickable. Just for fun, I clicked on their address – same thing. So, my only option was to copy the phone number, open my dialer, paste it into my dialer, and click “call”. If the phone number was clickable, it would have been significantly easier to call them. If their address had been made clickable, My Maps app would have simply opened up. But instead, I would have to copy and paste the address into my Maps app.

These may seem like small issues. But in fact, they are quite large. They increase friction in the sales process and reduce conversions. My expectation as a modern consumer is that I should be able to click on a phone number, or an address, and get the response I’ve come to expect. When that didn’t happen at the MGM Grand hotel website, I became frustrated. It’s mind blowing to me that an organization as large as the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas doesn’t have clickable phone numbers and addresses. And yet I still see this all of the time. In fact, I see it a majority of the time. Important distinction:

There is a big difference between being clickable on mobile vs. desktop/laptop. If you do not designate phone numbers and addresses as hyperlinks, phone Operating systems such as iOS and Android OS may automatically pick up on the fact that they are phone numbers and addresses, and make them “clickable” and trick you into thinking that all is well. But iOS and Android may not always do this if the phone numbers and addresses are not formatted properly. If you did not designate the phone numbers and addresses as clickable by designating them as hyperlinks, they may not always work properly on a mobile device, and they will never work properly on a Desktop or Laptop. With so much at stake with respect to conversions, any little poorly designed detail can be a conversion killer.

If you need help making your email, phone or address clickable, reach out to us for help with conversion rate optimization services. We have completely done-for-you services, as well as hourly consulting CRO services. You can get in touch with us at nimbus@nimbus.market.

Robert Portillo, founder of Nimbus Marketing, and his family.

About the author:

Robert Portillo is the founder of Nimbus Marketing. Nothing satisfies him more than expressing his thoughts well. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. He can often be found at local farmer’s markets, hiking trails, and the beach.