How to Choose a Great Online Marketing Company

How to Choose a Great Online Marketing Company

Searching the Internet Horizon for a Marketing Company

Are you just beginning to establish your company’s online presence? Or are you trying to expand the cyber reach of your current website? If you have been focused on your business itself, you are probably not an expert on the challenges of online marketing. For that you need to turn to the experts, an online marketing company. But in the wide internet horizon, how are you going to find the company that is the best for your needs?


There are, without a doubt a lot of marketing companies out there who are eager to give you service. But there are many factors that make such a company the best one for you. It’s going to take a bit of searching on your part to find that special treasure: a marketing company that “gets” what you are all about and can put your website in front of the customers who are looking for your products and services.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of just going with the first “likely” company you run across. But that’s not going to get you the best results in the long run. Don’t treat this process as an inconvenience. You could easily jump off your search ship and find that you’ve landed on a deserted island. You’ve found some solid ground in the cyber-sea, sure, but there’s nothing there for you, nothing you need. There’s a deeper secret about this treasure hunt you’re beginning as you look for the right marketing team. And that is that the treasure isn’t just getting the right marketing company, it is also reaching more customers. You want the business you have built to become an overflowing treasure chest.

I suppose you are going to ask what can an online marketing company do for you? Especially since you are going to have to pay for the services. The most important thing to understand about marketing companies is that their job, their daily objective, is to help you get more customers by raising your presence on the internet. That means making sure your company will show on the first page of the search results when a potential customer is looking for your products or services.

Checking for Ideal Marketing Landmarks

What then are the key things you need to look for in your treasure of a marketing company? There are some standard aspects of online marketing that such companies ought to cover. Andrew Witty, as a guest writer for, wrote a helpful article about what he calls the “seven pillars” of making yourself a known entity in your industry. To cover his points quickly, those seven pillars are:

  • (1) Branding – Make sure your company has a distinct brand presence.
  • (2) Content Marketing – Presenting information written specifically for your target customers.
  • (3) Referral Marketing – Getting your satisfied customers to refer other customers to your company.
  • (4) Lead Generation – Being seen as an authority in your specialty, which can open more doors for you.
  • (5) PR and Marketing – Making your presence known locally, engaging with the community.
  • (6) Speaking – Reinforcing your image as an authority
  • (7) Events – Creating special events for your loyal customers, events that can attract others.

All that may sound like a lot when you are just beginning your search for a great online marketing company. But you can pull in your fishing nets and get rid of the junk fish by reading online reviews of the marketing companies. Most of the time you are not choosing a marketing company for a one-shot set up, but rather for an ongoing building of your presence online, but some agencies are willing to accomodate piecemeal work. So you need to plan your route to your goal of increased business traffic.

What you need is a map of the territory of your business. By that I mean something more than just the physical area you cover with your services (although that is very important too!). No, you need to draw out what information you need to convey to possible customers, what sorts of things you want featured in your marketing. What you are doing is drawing two maps: the first map covers the landmarks of Witty’s seven pillars, those things that will make your business an attractive treasure for yourself and your customers; the second map is of those special points you will need your marketing company to be able to address. You are going to use that second map to help select the ideal online marketing company for your needs.

You need to be clear about what you want and what the marketing company is able to perform. This means you do have to get into more detail about what the prospective marketing companies have done and can do. Go back to those reviews you found about the prospective companies you are considering. Take note of the qualities past customers praise, as well as any negatives that get mentioned. Don’t let the negatives totally over-rule the prospect: you don’t know (yet) what might lie behind them. But pay attention to what the complaint is about. Because once you’ve got your needs mapped out, you’re going to start asking questions about the company.

Digging into the Services and Skills of Prospective Marketing Companies

This may sound like a lot of effort, But the right choice will pay off. Conversely, if you choose the wrong company, you will waste precious time and money. Moreover, you will fall even farther behind your competition. You shouldn’t treat it lightly. Don’t settle for the first company that looks “okay.” You want better than just “okay.” So, doing some digging is going to be necessary.

Since you’ve done some preliminary research on your best prospects, now is the time to contact the marketing company and start asking questions to get to know them better. Stay on top of the discussion, and don’t get swept up in their salesmanship. Instead, ask them for references from past customers and the contact information for those customers. Also, ask for case studies of their clients, so that you can get an idea of what type of progress has been made on behalf of those customers – Most good marketing companies will have an entire page dedicated to their portfolio. Finally, ask for samples of their reports. A good marketing company has clear and concise reporting, so you can easily see what they’re doing for you.

Once you have that information, follow up on the references. Contact those customers, and ask questions about the marketing company. Are they satisfied with what the marketing company has achieved for them? What sort of changes have they seen in their own business traffic since the marketing company started working with them? What do they like best about the company? What missteps (if any) have taken place?

It’s important for you to have some in-depth conversations with the members of the marketing company who will be working on your campaign. Talk to the owner, and a campaign manager, and try to get a feel for their energy. While you’re trying to improve your company’s revenues, you also want to make sure you’ll enjoy working with them. Ask for samples of the work they have done for others, and discuss the objectives that they were aiming for. If you feel like they’re more interested in getting a sale than showing you how they work, it’s possible that they are not a good fit for you.

What you are digging for is to find the “true coin of the realm” – an online marketing company that will serve your specific needs. You want a company that will make your online presence shine brightly in cyber-space. And it’s important that you like the people you are dealing with. You want to deal with people who care about you and your business, because that will help energize and direct the work they do for you.

Finding the Treasure of Your Ideal Online Marketing Company

Once you feel you have found the company that will be the best fit, you can open the treasure chest of possibilities. You can discuss your expectations and specific goals. There may be things you have always wanted to do for your business with your website, but haven’t been able to manage yet. Working with your marketing company to plan the increase of your internet presence can possibly open the doors for that greater project you want to achieve, such as expanding your service range, or going from local to national. Making your marketing a cooperative effort will keep the efforts of the marketers fresh and energetic.

It is important that you stay engaged with the marketing company, so that you know what steps they are taking on your behalf. The marketing company will be staying on top of changes in online marketing. Changes in the way that people search for products and services are important to stay on top of. With the growth of voice responsive devices and applications like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa, the way that people get information will change significantly in the coming years. Such search methods will not entirely replace the need for text based websites. But preparing your presence for those changes, as well as building many types of links for your business are part of the job for the online marketing company.

Building your online presence is not a “one and done” activity. As online searching changes and technology for access to the internet advances, you need to work with marketers who are experts at understanding the way people think and search, as well as the way the search engines work. An engaging and lively internet presence is a treasure you want to protect and grow. To achieve that end, you need to discover the treasured business asset of the very best online marketing company.

Who Wants More Business From Their Website? Everybody!

Tech-Studio-SEO-Marketing-Website-SEOWe live in a world dominated by 24/7 connectivity to the Internet. That makes website SEO more important than ever to a business owner. Even if your company is the absolute best at what they do, the Google gods won’t automatically rank your site accordingly. Like children and pets, search engines must be educated in their own language. You have to tell search engines exactly what they need to know in a form they can understand. That’s where website SEO comes in.

Why SEO?

Search engines abide by their own set of rules. These rules evolve constantly. That’s why a professional SEO consultant is an absolute must for a company that uses a website as a marketing tool. When a potential customer searches for something online, how many results pages do they actually click through? Search habits differ, but if a website isn’t listed on Page 1 (AKA: The First Page Club), your company is already at a disadvantage for being found online.

The Google machine can be a funny thing. It can be your best friend one day. After some routine tweaks in their proprietary algorithm, it can make you pull your hair out in frustration when your website sinks in the rankings. Website SEO experts help you avoid problems with algorithm updates. They can also help you recover if there’s a problem.

You have more important things to worry about, like running your business and making it the best it can be. It’s smart business to let a website SEO firm do the online worrying for you.

Expert Website SEO Pays for Itself

Great SEO experts never get comfortable. They constantly keep up on new developments in the industry. If they didn’t, they would quickly fall behind, and the results they achieve would slip. You need expert SEO help on your side if you plan to stand out from the rest of the pack. Website SEO is an integral part of growing your business.

Local SEO services is another factor to consider when you search for an SEO consultant. Different businesses have different needs. If you’re a local business, you need to make sure you’re capturing all the business in your neighborhood. Other businesses need to compete for customers on a national or international level.

Some SEO consultants use what’s known as the shotgun approach. They try to increase your website’s online presence and authority, but only in a very general way. A local business that specifically serves the nearby community can’t afford to compete nationally for keywords. That’s why local businesses must find SEO consultants who understand local search, and concentrate on it.

Ranking Highly on Search Engines Matters

Think about your own search habits if you’re not convinced that your website needs help from an SEO company. Do you click through to page 5 and 6 when using Google to search for local shops and services? Few people do. For the most part, it’s more efficient to rely on the algorithms employed by search engines to rank sites than to do the work yourself. Even very good Googlers know that you’re much more likely to find useful results on the first page. Your potential customers will likely do the same. SEO companies make sure that your business fights for search engine results effectively.

It’s important to remember that your competitors are probably using an SEO company already. You won’t be able to compete for rankings if you don’t fight fire with fire. Google, Yahoo, and Bing try to serve up the best search results to their visitors. If your website isn’t telling them what they need to know, then you’re bound to have problems with low rankings. SEO consultants are skilled in giving search engines exactly what they want. If your website isn’t optimized by SEO experts, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Dial Up Your Website Traffic To 11

Dial up your website trafficFor many entrepreneurs launching a small business, the world of marketing on the internet can be a new and challenging experience. Most are unfamiliar with the functions of search engine optimization. They may go through the obvious steps of building a website, and yet have no idea how to reach their target market. This can be a challenge for a new business, since the most beautiful website on the internet does you no good if no one visits it.

Does Website Traffic Matter?

A business owner new to internet marketing may wonder how important their website traffic is to their over-all marketing reach. Many may think that just getting an attractive website up on the world wide web is enough for their purposes. There is a tendency to consider a business website as just another billboard to advertise the company’s goods and services.

However, there is more to having a website up and running than just putting attractive pages on the internet. An informative website that promotes your business and your products can increase your profile in search engines, making you more “visible” to internet users who are seeking the types of products and services you may be offering. And the more traffic you have, the more visible you become on search engines.

How Can You Attract Traffic?

When a business owner realizes how important their internet visibility is, the search begins for ways to increase website traffic. They may hope to increase visits by purchasing ads on other websites or being listed in general internet directories. But just having a “pretty site” is not always enough to keep and sustain traffic. Entrepreneurs should realize that maintaining a high internet profile, one that has your business showing up on the first page of internet search results, requires an on-going planned content and linkbuilding campaign for your site.

If you want to be the first place people turn to on the web when they are looking for your goods and services, what do you need to do? Is this a difficult goal to achieve? Because a new small business is new to the general marketplace, there are aspects of establishing your presence that you may not have considered when you decided to go into business. The challenge of becoming known can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

Reaching Your Target Market

The work of reaching a target audience may seem complex and impossible to the individual small business owner. Many make small attempts at using social media marketing by creating new pages and posts on sites like Facebook, as their sole foray into internet advertising. But that falls far short of utilizing all possible platforms to establish your new online presence. At this point, a small business should take advantage of local SEO services to boost their internet profile.

When you want to reach a specific target audience, SEO services can help you achieve that goal. Services like Nimbus Marketing can help you identify who it is you want to attract, for starters. Who are the people you want to appeal to? Once you know that, SEO experts can help you find the means to reach those potential customers.

SEO Services Can Help You

When you want to dial up your website traffic, turning to SEO services is the way to go. A good service is one that listens to your goals and helps you reach them. Instead of your business being yet another small fish in a big pond, an imaginative and effective SEO campaign can help you become better known in your field, and more attractive to your potential customers. An SEO expert can help you come across on the internet as the type of person who your customers will trust and rely on.

By showing on the internet that you know and understand your business well, that you are attentive to your customers, you become the person they want to deal with. An effective SEO team can create material for your webpages that signals to the search engines the nature of your business and also informs your visitors – your potential customers – that you are the place they want to come to for your type of product or service.

A savvy SEO team like Nimbus Marketing can raise your internet profile and make you an engaging web destination for those who want your goods and services. We’re happy to help you reach your local market, or even increase your reach as far as you would like. Reach out to us today!