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February 9, 2020
2020's Guide to Local SEO for Dentists

Contents1 Create A GMB2 Create online citations3 Keywords4 Get Reviews5 Connect with other businesses With more than 200,000 practicing dentists in the United States you’ve got to make sure that your practice is standing out from your competitors. Since most people now use the internet when searching for services they’re looking for, you need your […]

January 31, 2020
6 Ways Smart Businesses Use Reviews to Drive Consumer Actions for Social Media Marketing

Contents1 Online Reviews are a Big Deal for Businesses2 Consumers Read and Act on Online Reviews3 How Can I Fix my Business’ Online Reputation?4 Using the Power of Social Media Marketing for Online Reviews5 Social Media Marketing Services Can Help Manage Business Reputation6 Finding the Right Experts to Handle Your Social Media Marketing Every business […]

January 29, 2020
6 Reasons why Reviews are so Important for Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Contents1 Consumers Turn to the Internet for Information About Businesses2 A Positive Reputation Drives Positive Business3 Reviews Come from Real People, not Advertising Campaigns4 What Does This Mean for Businesses?5 How Can a Business Increase their Online Reputation?6 For Busy Businesses, the Best Online Marketing Strategy is to Get Help A 2017 local consumer online […]

January 18, 2020
Are you Prioritizing Keyword Research? This is Why you Should Be

Contents1 What are Keywords?2 The Pros and Cons of Long Tailed Keyword Phrases3 So How do I Choose the Right Keywords?4 Don’t Forget to Come Back to Your Keyword Research One of the first steps you’ll take when you start into the world of internet marketing is keyword research. Any good online marketing company will […]

January 18, 2020
How to Choose a Great Online Marketing Company

Contents1 How To Choose a Great Online Marketing Company1.1 Why the Treasure Hunt?1.2 Digging deep to find the gold2 Identifying a digital marketing agency's services2.1 Reviews Do Matter3 Counting the loot - talking to their current customers3.1 Divining the real treasure - reviewing their reporting and research3.2 Unpacking the treasure chest - evaluating their case […]

December 12, 2019
How to do SEO Yourself in 2020

Contents1 If you want to learn how to do SEO, start with Keyword Research2 Website Optimization Is The Next Step3 Don't forget About Your Content4 Say Hello To Sitemaps5 Check Your Website Speed6 Build High-Quality Links and Citations7 Work On Your Blog8 Promote Your Blog9 Take Advantage Of YouTube10 Test, Measure, Test, Measure, Ad Nauseum10.1 […]

November 20, 2019
The Most Successful Checklist for Blog Posting in 2020

Contents1 Content Considerations2 User Considerations3 Search Engine Considerations4 General Considerations4.1 About the author: Here is the most successful checklist for blog posting in 2020. You may have heard the adage “content is king”. That's truer today than ever. It's becoming increasingly important that businesses create unique content for their web pages and blog if they […]

September 16, 2019
Nimbus Marketing Voted #1 SEO Company by Rising Star Reviews

Nimbus Marketing Voted #1 SEO Company by Rising Star Reviews. We are happy to accept this honor. It may be our first bit of 3rd party recognition, but it is by no means the last. We are a company on the move, providing excellent results and ROI for our customers.

September 12, 2019
Fantastic New Yelp Features Announced in 2019

Yelp just announced 3 new paid products they’re coming out with. They say these products will help business owners get more attention to their listings, but are they worth the price? With these new features you can show off features about your business, called highlights, you can show off your portfolio, and, in some states, […]

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